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Massey College was established by the Master and Fellows of Massey College Act (1960-61), which was amended in 1974. It  is governed by an elected Corporation, made up of Senior Fellows and chaired by the Master. You can read the by-laws here.

Its connection with the University of Toronto was established at the same time with Bill-115. The relationship is recognized through ex officio membership on Corporation of the President of the University of Toronto and the Dean of School of Graduate Studies.

Other members of the College community join in a number of committees which report to Corporation. A considerable degree of self-governance of the Junior Fellowship (the College’s full-time graduate students) is implemented through the annual election of a Don of Hall, other student officers, and committee members.

THE VISITOR is the College ombudsman and fulfils important constitutional and ceremonial functions.

SENIOR FELLOWS are elected from prominent representatives of both academic and professional interests at the University of Toronto.

THE MASTER is the chief administrative officer who, together with those Senior Fellows elected to Corporation, governs the College.

THE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS who assist the Master are the Administrator, the Librarian, the Bursar and the Registrar, who is also Secretary of Corporation.

Masters of the College:

1963 to 1981                     Robertson Davies (Founding Master)

1981 to 1988                     J.N. Patterson Hume

1988 to 1995                     Ann Saddlemyer

1991 to 1992                      Stefan Dupre (Acting Master)

1995 to 2014                     John Fraser

2014 to present                Hugh Segal

College Visitors:

1963 to 1967                      The Rt. Hon. Vincent Massey

1973 to 1976                      The Hon. Dalton C. Wells

1990 to 1995                      The Hon. John B. Aird

1996 to 2003                      Dr. Rose Wolfe

2003 to 2016                      The Hon. H.N.R. Jackman

Present                                 The Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin

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  • Frank Cairns

    Apr 07, 2014

    Hi there: The web site says there is a chapel choir and I noted at another event that Tom Fitches was the choir master. Was wondering if there was a weekly service or schedule for the chapel choir. Cheers Frank Cairns

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