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The Alumni play a valuable role in the life of Massey College. Their number has surpassed two thousand. They pursue a wide range of careers in the academic world, the arts, business, and other professions, in Canada and many other countries. Alumni remain Members of the College community, and Junior Fellows automatically become part of the Alumni membership. The Alumni are an active body, with representatives on most major committees of Corporation. They are encouraged to participate in Alumni events (including at least one formal dinner in Hall each year) and other events at the College, such as the Christmas Gaudy. The Alumni Executive welcomes ideas and input for such events.

Governed by an elected Board of Directors, the Alumni work with the Master and Fellows to help meet the needs of the College. Many members enjoy using the College facilities for research, relaxation, and entertaining friends.

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  • Mathew Thomas

    Sep 29, 2014

    Hi - I'm an alumni Junior Fellow. I was resident at Massey from 1989-1990. I haven't heard from the alumni association. I just wanted to reset my contact information. It is: 28 Kadeer Way Nepean, Ontario K2J1J7 Phone number 613-400-3118. Thank you.

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