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Junior Fellows

Important Message for prospective Junior Fellows:

The selection process for Junior Fellowship for 2017-2018 has been completed. We will be sending notifications by the end of June.

All bursary results will be announced in the first week of July.

What is Massey College?

Massey College is an inclusive, inter-disciplinary and culturally diverse community. It is a residence for University of Toronto graduate students or those obtaining professional degrees from Canada and all over the world.

The college offers an extraordinary experience by providing a safe and caring community that allows all members to expand their horizons academically, socially and culturally. What makes us unique is the question we ask all applicants: “what will you bring to the life of the College?”

Junior Fellows are an integral part of the Massey College community, and represent a wide range of disciplines, interests and backgrounds.

There are 60 spots for resident Junior Fellows and 85 for non-resident Junior Fellows. Each year,  around 20 spots open up for resident and 30-40 for non-resident Junior Fellows.

Eligibility: Junior Fellows are full-time students at the University of Toronto, either registered with the School of Graduate Studies or pursuing professional degrees such as law, medicine or dentistry.

Application: The Selection Committee works hard to select the best and the brightest. All the highest ranked candidates get admitted to the college. In the second round, with the candidates ranked in the middle, we have to ensure the balance among disciplines and genders. In addition, at any time, there have to be 25% international and 75% Canadian students.

Election is for one year. Junior Fellows may apply for re-election in each of four succeeding years; residence, however, cannot exceed a total of three years.

Click here to learn how to apply.

For more information on Junior Fellowships at Massey College, please visit the following links:


Application form


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