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A Message to Prospective Junior Fellows

Welcome to the Massey College Website!

Please read carefully all the posted documents before applying. Also, make sure your referees know that we accept letters in electronic format only and advise them of the format as explained in “How to apply”.

Thank you for your interest and bon chance! 

Massey College is an inclusive, inter-disciplinary and culturally diverse community. Every year, there are around 60 spots available – 20 for resident and 20-30 for non-resident Junior Fellows.

Eligibility: Junior Fellows are full-time students at the University of Toronto, either registered with the School of Graduate Studies or pursuing professional degrees such as law, medicine or dentistry.

Application: The Selection Committee works hard to ensure the balance among disciplines and genders. In addition, at any time, there have to be 25% international and 75% Canadian students.

Election is for one year. Junior Fellows may apply for re-election in each of four succeeding years; residence, however, cannot exceed a total of three years.

If you do not live in Toronto and cannot attend in person, you will be offered to attend our Virtual Open House, where you’ll get a chance to use social media to chat with current Junior Fellows and ask them questions. It opens on April 8, 2015. You can sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/virtual-open-house-tickets-16486071283

Click here to learn how to apply.

For more information on Junior Fellowships at Massey College, please visit the following links:

●  Accommodation and meals

●  Fees and bursaries

●  Junior fellow orientation

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