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The Quadrangle Society is a group of individuals in the non-academic community who wish to contribute to fostering connections between that community and the College. Members are invited to attend Society book club meetings at the College once a month, an annual gala evening and an annual members’ reception, as well as meetings of the Opera Club.

Members have access to many events at the College that are open to those in the Massey community, and at least twice a year are invited to take part in College dinners that are specifically designated for Society members in order to encourage interaction with Junior Fellows. Members are also invited to act as mentors (on a social basis) with  Junior Fellows. Nominations for membership in the Society may be made to the attention of Sarah Moritz, at smoritz@masseycollege.ca

Quadrangle Society Newsletter 2015-16


  • Heather Raff Ph.D.

    Apr 09, 2014

    I am an English scholar--retired teacher (PhD McGill) also I am also trained in counselling (U of T, York). I was also a good friend of architect Ron Thom in his last years, and have given illustrated talks on him and his works at academic conferences in Canada, USA, Israel. I have also published a study of a group of top scientists worldwide. I would very much appreciate being a member of the Quadranglers and could contribute in many ways. How can I apply for this?

  • Robert Groves

    Aug 30, 2014

    I have from a young age always enjoyed the Massey lectures, and was reminded of the College and its programmes by Hugh Segal's appointment as Master. Hugh and I worked together briefly when he was Chief of Staff to Mr. Mulroney and I was a "Deputy Minister Equivalent" or Head of Officials' Delegation for the Native Council of Canada during the Charlottetown Accord or "Canada Round" negotiations in 1992. I still ply a similar trade, though more modestly now for specific First Nations and Inuit groups, along with the occasional government department. I recall that at Harrington Lake one early August day Hugh and I chatted on the lawn, not of the goings on amongst the Premiers and Leaders within, but of the famous Rainbow Trout in the lake, seeded by "The Chief"', and the fly-fishing of which, being raised in the Rockies' foothills, I was much captivated. To give you a hint of my age, The Chief had picked me up as a toddler and, to my Liberal Mother's horror, kissed me in front of the cameras in Ralston during a whistle-stop tour after his first election triumph as PM. Its good to see Hugh more gainfully employed again after his stint in the Senate. I, like Dr. Raff, would be delighted to join the Quadranglers, but am unsure of the protocol. Robert Groves Principal, The Aboriginal Affairs Group Ottawa

  • Ruth Bray

    Aug 10, 2017

    I seem to have erased the 2017-18 Newsletter. Could you send me a new copy? Thanks.

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