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The Quadrangle Society is made up of members of the non-academic community and is intended to be a bridge between that community and the College. Members attend QS Book Club 2013-2014 meetings at the College once a month throughout the year, an annual Gala evening and an annual Tea Party, and participate in a mentorship program with the Junior Fellows. Nominations may be made directly to the Master’s office and they are due by the end of November each year.

The Quadrangle Society comes out at the end of June every year.

Quadrangle Society Newsletter 2013-14

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  • Heather Raff Ph.D.

    Apr 09, 2014

    I am an English scholar--retired teacher (PhD McGill) also I am also trained in counselling (U of T, York). I was also a good friend of architect Ron Thom in his last years, and have given illustrated talks on him and his works at academic conferences in Canada, USA, Israel. I have also published a study of a group of top scientists worldwide. I would very much appreciate being a member of the Quadranglers and could contribute in many ways. How can I apply for this?

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