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Imperial Press, Bibliography Room

In order to preserve and pass on skills in letterpress printing and the care of its collection of nineteenth-century hand presses, the Robertson Davies Library has partnered with the Book History and Print Culture Collaborative Program to apprentice students in the Program and the Massey Junior Fellowship to the College Printer.

By accepting the position of BHPC Printing Apprentice, each Apprentice also commits him or herself to serve as a Printing Fellow in the following academic year. Apprentices will learn the basic skills of typesetting, registration, presswork, distribution, and principles of letterpress design. Apprentices will also assist in the maintenance of the Bibliography Room including sorting spacing, distributing type and the other organizational tasks required to keep the presses in working order.

Massey Printing Fellows are selected through application from the Massey Junior Fellowship and will assist in the design and printing of various keepsakes and other items in support of the Robertson Davies Library’s Bibliography Room.

BHPC Printing Fellows are selected through application from students in the Book History and Print Culture Collaborative Program, and are responsible for giving tours of the Bibliography Room, demonstrating the presses to classes, and fielding questions from interested visitors. The apprenticeship is a one-year commitment that automatically leads into the fellowship in the second year.

The Massey College Printing Apprenticeship Program is generously supported by an Anonymous Donor and the Faculty of Information (iSchool).

BHPC – Veronica Litt (PhD English); Roxanne Korpan (PhD Religion)
Massey – Kirsten Brassard (MA English); Kelly Rahardja (MA Public Policy)

BHPC – Samantha Bellinger (MI iSchool); Joel Vaughan (PhD English)
Massey – Chris Kelleher (PhD English); Kacper Niburski (MA IHPST)

BHPC – Amy Coté  (PhD English); Julia King (MI)
Massey – Elizabeth Klaiber (PhD Religion);  Barbara Marzario (MA Art)

BHPC – Timothy Perry (MI); Jeanette Blanchard (MI)
Massey – Jody Porter (CBC/Radio-Canada Journalism Fellow see more);  Laura Ritland (MA Creative Writing)

BHPC – Alice McClintock (MMSt)
Massey – Elizabeth Krasner (Architecture, MARC); Andrea Stuart (MA Music)

BHPC – Chelsea Jeffery (MMSt)
Massey – Elizabeth Krasner (Architecture, MARC); Andrea Stuart (MA Music)

BHPC – Elisa Tersigni (PhD English)
Massey – Yonsue Kim (PhD EAS); Christopher J. Young (MI)

BHPC – Lindsey Eckert (Phd English); Claire Battershill (PhD English)

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