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The Library’s collections centre around the history of the book and the technical and material aspects of the book arts, including the history, practice and technique of printing, illustration, typography, graphic arts, papermaking and binding from the late 18th century through to the mid 20th century. To access library materials, search the U of T Library Catalogue for a call number, and contact the College Librarian, PJ MacDougall, to make an appointment or for more information about particular collections. All collections are non-circulating. Many items are still being catalogued; if you are interested in a particular publication and you are unable to locate it using a title search within the U.of T. Library Catalogue, please contact us.

Call ahead to make an appointment at 416-978-2893 or email library@masseycollege.ca

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McLean4 Gurney1 Gray, Nicolete. Lettering on buildings (London, 1960). CoachHouse2
Ruari McLean Roy Gurney Bibliography Coach House Press
Presses3 PER4 Ege2 1825 Post Office Hours Broadside (Gitton Bridgnorth Massey) d01
Private Presses Periodicals Otto Ege Leaves Gitton Ephemera
Specimens 1700x BASKERVILLE Type specimine (Massey) d01 Balinson2 IMG_20141113_185517  
Type Specimen Books Balinson Hebrew Type Wood Type  
Archival Collections
  Dair4 The Garden of Love  
  Carl Dair fonds and
Dair’s Reference Collection
Aliquando Press fonds  

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