Winners of the 2013-2014 William Southam Journalism Fellowships

Every day between June 17 and June 24, we’ll introduce you to one 2013-14 Journalism Fellow.

Meet Amara Bangura, Gordon N. Fisher/JHR Fellow

Amara Bangura is a Sierra Leonean radio journalist working as BBC Media Action’s Production Manager. After volunteering at community Radio Mankneh, which provided a critical voice in the aftermath of Sierra Leone’s civil war, he worked with BBC Media Action as a trainer to help rural journalists report on the 2007 General Elections – an essential event in helping Sierra Leone’s peace-building efforts. In 2008, he joined Journalists for Human Rights (JHR) producing stories on human rights. Amara won an award for his story on neglected mental health cases. In 2009, BBC Media Action hired him to produce Hague Link, a program that covered the trial of the convicted former Liberian president Charles Taylor at the International Criminal Court from where he reported for both national and international broadcast. In 2010, Amara returned to Sierra Leone to work with BBC Media Action on two national governance-focused programs supervising all productions.

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