2014 Barbara Moon-Ars Medica Editor-in-Residence (EIR) Fellow

2014 Barbara Moon-Ars Medica Editor-in-Residence (EIR)  Massey College Fellow  

Established writers and editors with  experience in leading writing seminars or facilitating small group learning are invited to apply for this Fall Term Fellowship at Massey College.

The successful candidate will:
–  meet   weekly with up to 12 students selected based on a writing submission reviewed/screened by the Moon EIRF. Students come from all 11 clinical disciplines at the University of Toronto. The seminar runs from September to December of each year.
– edit, mentor and encourage writing (online email editing and assistance to seminar participants in between sessions would be optional).

In addition, the successful applicant would:

– explore themes of illness, recovery and healing, as well as representations of the body. (Not all students will write about these subjects and are free to explore their own creative themes).
– coordinate and moderate a panel discussion on a writing-health topic for Massey College and the wider learning community.
– fully participate in life at Massey  College, including a personal contribution to the College (For example, one previous Moon fellow led a poetry discussion group, another offered bi-weekly editing appointments to Massey Junior and Senior Fellows). They may choose to assist students and Fellows from Massey   in preparing work for submission for publication or in reworking personal narratives for grant submissions or entry into professional programs (e.g. medical school, law school etc.)
– be a judge in the annual Ars Medica/CMAJ student writing competition
– promote familiarity among readers/writers with Ars Medica – A Journal of Medicine, The Arts and Humanities ( www.ars-medica.ca ) and with the Health, Arts and Humanities Program at the University of Toronto (www.health-humanities.com
– submit student evaluations of the workshop and a summary report of experience in that year’s Fellowship role.

Details of lodging and salary will be provided by the Master of Massey College.

Applicants should prepare a CV and a brief narrative outlining   interest   in the Barbara Moon Editor-In-Residence Fellowship.

Please send to:
Allan Peterkin MD
Senior Fellow, Massey College
Deadline  : March 15, 2014
Notification: May 1st, 2014

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