2016 Clarkson Laureates for Public Service


The Clarkson Laureateships in Public Service, the highest honour the College awards annually to members of its community, this year go to three outstanding individuals:

Jen Mark Chizoba 2Mr. Mark Bonham , a Senior Fellow “ is an indefatigable advocate for the LGBTQ community and a philanthropist, who has supported and raised funds for Casey House, Inside Out LGBTQ Film Festival, endowed the U of T Sexual Diversity Studies Program and provided grants, scholarships and awards in areas of education and the arts. The list goes on and the impact that Mark makes on many lives is immense.”

Ms. Chizoba Imoka is a third-year Resident Junior Fellow, “who has added a dimension to life at Massey and beyond through her leadership in increasing awareness and the importance of diversity… Apart from her numerous contributions to the College, she works tirelessly through her foundation, Unveiling Africa, built on platform to make public education more accessible and equitable in Nigeria, and in Africa.”

Ms. Jennifer Levin Bonder is a 5th year non-resident Junior Fellow. “If one would try to combine selflessness, warmth, generosity and positive leadership in one, the result would probably be quite close to Jennifer. … Her initiative to sponsor a Syrian family coming to Canada summarizes what makes her such a positive force; her desire to help others, near or far, to do it by bringing people together, never asking for recognition and never counting the time or energy she invests to make the world a better place.”

The awarding of Clarkson Laureateships was approved by Corporation in 2003 and the first awards given out in 2004, during the final year that Madam Clarkson, a Senior Fellow of the College, was Governor General of Canada. The award honours her many years of service to Canada and at the same time  recognizes those members of its community who also contributed to the common good. The call for nominations goes out in each issue of MasseyNews and the names of nominated community members are always kept on a long list for three years.

The committee met at the College on Tuesday, January 5th 2016 under the joint chairmanship of the Master and the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson. The Laureateships will be awarded at a special High Table on Friday, January 8th in the presence of the Massey College peers and friends. Madam Clarkson herself attends to honour the awardees.

Hugh Segal

Master and Chair of Corporation


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