Dr. Rose Wolfe: Aug. 17, 1916 – Dec. 30, 2016

Massey College mourns the passing of a distinguished member of its community, Visitor Emerita Dr. Rose Wolfe.

Hugh Segal, the College Master sent out the following message:

“I am saddened to report on the death, this past Friday (December 30th 2016), of our Visitor Emerita, Rose Wolfe. Her passing is a huge loss for the University of Toronto and for Massey College in particular.

The life she led, of service to others, outreach to those in difficult circumstances, the embrace of education, community service and philanthropy reflected, in every respect, the values of interdisciplinarity, outreach and community engagement intrinsic to our College’s DNA. 

Her initial professional social work career, focusing on immigrants, refugees and Holocaust ‎ survivors, speaks eloquently to the challenges we continue to face in today’s world.  She strongly believed that “one person can make a difference.”

It is fitting that the “Wisdom Windows” in our Upper Library are dedicated to Dr. Wolfe.

An Alumna of the University College and a former Chancellor of the University of Toronto, Rose Wolfe‎ was at Massey College less than a month ago for our annual “Anticipation of Hanukkah” celebration, an event that always benefited from her presence, good humour and support. We shall miss her terribly. “

Hugh Segal, Master of Massey College

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