Senior Fellow Julie Payette is the new Governor General of Canada

Congratulations to Senior Fellow and Alumna Julie Payette, new Governor General of Canada

“It is a distinct honour and privilege for Massey College to join with Canadians from all walks of life in celebrating the choice of Julie Payette as Canada’s next Governor General. Her Majesty’s next Canadian representative is both a present Senior Fellow of Massey College and was a Junior Fellow when she got her Master of Applied Science – Computer Engineering degree at the University of Toronto.

Julie is one of the distinguished women of Massey College honoured permanently in the Upper Library with the “Wisdom Windows”. Two years ago, she was a keynote speaker, with David Naylor at the Walter Gordon Symposium organized by Massey College and spoke about the future of evidence-based policy as a tool to help Canada deal with its toughest challenges. Her rapport, accessibility and engagement with young people on complex issues of science, technology and policy was very astute and yet approachable.

The Governor General designate is a warm, deeply motivating and inspiring, compelling and living symbol of hard work, immense courage, scientific ability, and the kind of national service that was outstanding before the Prime Minister’s most welcome announcement.”

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