2018 Clarkson Laureates Announced

2018 Clarkson Laureates Announced

The Clarkson Laureateships in Public Service, the highest honour the College awards annually to members of its community, this year goes to three outstanding individuals:

Ms. Mary Eberts, Senior Fellow, “has dedicated her career to social justice and improving equality for women and girls in Canada and beyond… She has been a principled and fierce defender of the vulnerable and marginalized in our society, as well as of our constitutional democracy writ large…. She is a generous mentor and role model for at least two generations of Canadian women pursuing legal careers, and her leadership in our public life has benefited us all.”

Mr. Jason Brennan, a fourth-year Non-Resident Junior Fellow “has been a driving force in drawing the Massey community’s attention to issues of accessibility and inclusivity. … Apart from his service to Massey in many capacities, Jason’s record of involvement across the university spans mentorship, accessibility, student recruitment, governance, alumni affairs, university advancement, and more.”

Ms. Judy Matthews, a member of the Quadrangle Society “has been an outstanding contributor to a series of important projects of urban renewal and cultural enrichment, with a focus on the arts, education and building a more humane community… She brings to all projects her own expertise as an urban planner, a strong personal focus, and tremendous drive and leadership, as well as exceptional financial support.”

The awarding of Clarkson Laureateships was approved by the Governing Board in 2003 and the first awards were given out in 2004, during the final year that Madam Clarkson, a Senior Fellow of the College, was Governor General of Canada. The award honours her many years of service to Canada by recognizing those members of its community who also contribute to the common good. The call for nominations goes out in each issue of MasseyNews and is also distributed by email. The names of nominated community members are always kept on a long list for three years.

The committee met at the College on Friday, December 6th under the joint chairmanship of the Head of College and the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson. The other members of the committee this year were former recipients of the Clarkson Laureateship, Ms. Mary McGeer and Ms. Sophie Borwein and the College Dean of Fellowships and Programs, Amela Marin.

The Laureateships will be awarded at the upcoming special High Table on Friday January 5th in the presence of the Laureates’ families and Massey College peers. The evening somewhat echoes the ceremonies Madam Clarkson presided over for the Order of Canada when she was Governor General and she herself attends to honour the awardees.