New Senior Residents and Visiting Scholars Announced

We are honoured to announce the following new Senior Residents and Visiting Scholars will be joining us at Massey.  We look forward to formally welcoming them at events throughout the year.

This year, we welcome (in alphabetical order):

  1. André Alexis
    Jack McClelland Writer in Residence, English, University of Toronto
  2. Payam Akhavan
    2017 Massey Lecturer
  3. Doreen Balabanoff
    Environmental Design, OCAD University
  4. Matthew Fisher
    Journalism, Bill Graham Centre/Massey College Resident Visiting Scholar in Foreign and Defence Policy
  5. Raymond Gosine
    Engineering, Memorial University
  6. Richard Hunt
    Design, OCAD University
  7. Joan Judge
    History, York University
  8. Kim Kierans
    Journalism, University of King’s College
  9. Dae Kun Hwang
    Chemical Engineering, Ryerson University
  10. Raktim Mitra
    Urban Planning, Ryerson University
  11. Junichi Miyazawa
    Cultural Studies, Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo, Japan)
  12. Charles Reeve
    Curatorial Studies, OCAD University
  13. Gabrielle Slowey
    Political Science, York University
  14. Jennifer Steele
    Psychology, York University
  15. Tanya Talaga
    2018 Massey Lecturer
  16. Damian Tarnopolsky
    Barbara Moon/Ars Medica Editorial Fellow, Massey College
  17. Alex Wilson
    Education, JHI Massey Fellow
  18. Frauke Zeller
    Digital Communications, Ryerson University
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