Call for Applications: Massey College Printing Apprentices

Every year, the Robertson Davies Library Bibliography Room offers an apprenticeship opportunity for two members of the Massey Community to learn letterpress printing with the College Printer, working with the Library’s collection of 19th century iron printing presses.

The term of apprenticeship is for the length of the Winter Session (January-April) and the following Fall Session (September-December), with potential opportunities for continued involvement.

Selected applicants are required to promise at least three hours per week (Wednesday to Friday) working under the instruction of the College Printer.

Apprentices will have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of typesetting, presswork, distribution, and basic principles of letterpress design. They will also assist in the regular maintenance of the Bibliography Room including sorting spacing, distributing type, general clean-up and other hands-on tasks required to keep the Room in working order.

Once apprentices learn the basics, there will be the opportunity to assist in the design and printing of items in support of the Bibliography Room and Massey College such as High Table cards, greeting cards, bookmarks and keepsakes for annual College events.

The Library is currently seeking two Printing Apprentices to begin training with the College Printer in January 2019. To apply, please send a very brief letter of interest to the College Librarian, PJ MacDougall at by no later than November 30th.

No previous experience is required, but preference will be given to those applicants who have been regularly volunteering in the Bibliography Room and/or to those who have an expressed interest in hands-on experience of this kind.

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