Winter Ball Tickets are ON SALE!!!

Hi everyone!

We have some very exciting news! The sales for the Winter Ball tickets are now open! Remember the event will be on Saturday February 2, 2019. Below is the link to purchase tickets. There are dinner tickets (arrival at 6 pm and includes drinks, dinner, dancing and light refreshments), and after dinner tickets (arrival at 8 pm and includes drinks, dancing, and light refreshments). Also, if you would like a +1 ticket, you are guaranteed one so feel free to purchase more than 1 ticket. Ticket sales are on a first come, first served basis, so make sure to request your tickets before they’re sold out! We will let you know via email once you register if your purchase is confirmed.

[button title=”CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS” link=”″ target=”_blank” align=”” icon=”” icon_position=”CENTRE” color=”#008EC2″ font_color=”#FFFFFF” size=”3″ full_width=”” class=”” download=”” rel=”” onclick=””]

Thank you everyone! Looking forward to a wonderful night at the Academy Awards!

Zoe, Maddy, and Josie

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