Southam Journalism Fellowship Deadline Extension!

The 2017-2018 Southam Journalism Fellows at the Helsinki Cathedral. Photo by Jim Rankin.

Journalists love a deadline. With that in mind, the deadline for the 2019-2020 William Southam Journalism Fellowship at Massey College has been extended — applications will remain open until Friday, March 22.

The Southam Fellowship is, essentially, a journalistic sabbatical — a blissful year with zero deadlines. (The eight-month academic year, at least.)

For Fellow Naheed Mustafa, a 2017-2018 Southam Fellow and a producer at CBC’s Ideas, the year was a welcome change of pace. “I deeply appreciated the opportunity to slow down,” said Naheed. “We don’t often have a chance to be leisurely in our thinking, or to deeply reflect on much of anything. The fellowship at Massey gave me that time and space.”

“The fellowship was a precious gift,” said Jim Rankin, also a 2017-2018 Southam Fellow, and a reporter-photographer at the Toronto Star. For Jim, the year away provided “a chance to take a needed break from the job and go back to university for the sheer joy of learning, and be surrounded by incredibly smart young people.”

“Friendships to last a lifetime were forged with my fellow fellows,” said Jim. “I will forever be grateful for the experience. I don’t think I was able to wipe the smile from my face for a full eight months.”


For more information, please see the Applications page.


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