New Senior Fellows and Quadranglers Annouced

The Chair of the Governing Board of Massey College is pleased to announce the new Senior Fellows and Quadranglers selected by the Nominating Committees and elected by the Governing Board at its most recent meeting. We congratulate all the elected new members and will welcome them officially at the upcoming events.

This year, we welcome (in alphabetical order):

Senior Fellows

Akhavan, Payam     
McGill University/Oxford

Aspuru-Guzik, Alan  
Vector Institute, U of T

Clark, Caryl   
Faculty of Music, U of T

Crowcroft, Natasha    
PHO, U of T

Debus, Johannes   
Canadian Opera Company

Granata, Paolo 
St. Michael’s College, U of T

Kaplan, Allan    
Faculty of Medicine, U of T

Kundur, Deepa  
Dept. of Computer Engineering,U of T

Laupacis, Andreas    
Dept. of Medicine, u of T

Lautens, Mark   
Dept. of Chemistry, U of T

Loewen, Peter   
Munk School, U of T

Margolis, Liat 
Daniels School, U of T

Mishna, Faye 
Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work, UofT

Murphy, Jennifer   
Dept of Chemistry U of T

Norrlof, Carla   
Dept. of Political Science, U of T

Owusu-Bempah, Akwasi  
Dept. of Sociology, U of T

Paprica, Alison  
Vector Institute

Salardi, Paola 
Munk School, U of T

Sands, Christopher   
Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Reithmeier, Reinhart      
U of T Faculty of Medicine

Tettey, Wisdom
Department of Political Science, UTSC

Vassanji, MG    

Woodin, Melanie   
Department of Cell & Systems Biology, UofT

Yip, Christopher
Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, UofT


Quadrangler Society Members

Futterer, Bruce

Loden, Matthew
Toronto Symphony Orchestra

Rounthwaite, David

Rudny, Bernard
Climate Change

Walmsley, Ann

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