Message from the Governing Board

Message from the Governing Board



On Thursday morning, Principal Nathalie Des Rosiers announced that the College, in response to new information relating to the appointment of Ms. Margaret Wente to the Quadrangle Society, would undertake a review of Ms. Wente’s writings and conduct to assess whether they are consistent with the College’s values.

The College has now received a letter from Ms. Wente stating that she does not wish to be a member of the Quadrangle Society, that the accusations against her are false and outrageous and that her record speaks for itself.

The Governing Board met earlier today to review the matter and it has been determined to accept Ms. Wente’s resignation.

Massey College is a beacon for the expression of the widest range of academic viewpoints enriched by the interdisciplinary nature of its community based upon the fundamental precept of recognizing the dignity of all interlocutors.  In order to ensure that this rich tradition continues in the context of an evolving global conversation, the Governing Board determined today to engage in a fundamental rethink of the way in which the College community interacts and operates in order to eliminate any impediments to an environment that is completely free from anti-Black racism, anti-Indigenous racism, anti-gender identity views and discrimination of any kind.  Many efforts to address these matters have been underway at the College for many months, but will become the primary focus of the Governing Board in the months to come.  The College invites everyone in the community to participate in and contribute to this process.


Craig Thorburn
Vice-Chair, Governing Board