Anti-Black Racism


Members of the Massey Community, Chers collègues,

Thank you to everyone who has enquired about how Massey is actively fighting anti-Black racism. Many of you have reached out to me to offer their views and ideas, and for this I am very grateful.

I, and the College, are committed to addressing anti-Black racism, and discrimination of any kind.

We are a community comprised of people who must lead by example to actively end injustice in Canada, and we must reflect on our history and ensure a safe and welcoming community for all.

Along with our great strengths come great responsibilities.

In advance of the March 27th, 2020 Governing Board meeting, I circulated to its members two letters I had received written by current Junior Fellows. The letters of each individual outlined incidents of anti-Black racism experienced while at the College. These experiences led to their decisions not to reapply for Fellowship for the 2020-2021 Academic year. The Board was deeply concerned by the issues raised and had a serious discussion regarding the College culture and norms. The Board directed the Principal and the Chair to thank the Junior Fellows formally for the courageous letters; to create a Committee to help the College deal pro-actively with the issue of anti-Black racism; to have the Principal report at every Board meeting on actions taken on this issue; to provide anti-bias training for every member of a committee of the Board, including committees to select members of the Junior and Senior Fellowship and the Quadrangle Society and to put in place training for all employees. The Board is committed to building a College community that is inclusive and welcoming.

In addition, I have also created my own Anti-Black Racism Work Plan to address this issue.  I welcome your suggestions and will incorporate the advice of the Board’s Anti-Black Racism Committee.  This is important work and I am looking forward to working with you to ensure that we fulfill our duty to the College and to the public good.




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