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Portrait of Chief R. Stacey Laforme

Dear Members of the community, chers collègues,

The discovery of hundreds more unmarked graves last week is a tragedy. We continue to support, champion and provide space for Indigenous scholarship and excellence at Massey College. Listen to Chief Laforme’s words on this tragedy, below.

After discussion with Chief Laforme, we will fly the flag at half-mast for Canada Day. He invites us to pause and reflect on Canada Day, particularly this year.

Canada Day

This year you will not see any parades
You will see no fireworks light up the sky

This July 1 will be quiet and thoughtful as we gather with family and friend
As we consider the legacy and the future of this Country

The truth is before us, there are no more excuses to be made or accepted
And awful, unimaginable truth has been confirmed

This land is built on the bones of the indigenous people
And the tears of their children

They wept for stolen children
As we hugged and loved ours

They grieved as their future died at a desk, in a bed, at the hand of a stranger
We sent ours to school, to chores, kissed them goodnight as we tucked them into bed

So there can be no Canada day this year
There can be no celebration

We will not have our indigenous brothers and sisters mourn
As we sing, dance and make merry

This is a moment in the life of this country
That will determine our future

We need to be united in this moment
To express our love and equally important our support

For this is not just the indigenous history, it is our history
These are not just the indigenous children, they are all our children, the children of this land

And we cannot celebrate until we have justice for our children
We have answers for our people and we have accountability for our future

We are with you today and always

What if!

R. Stacey Laforme

Congratulations to Duncan McCue – our outgoing CBC/Radio-Canada Fellow. He will produce and host a narrative-driven podcast series exploring the history and legacy of residential schools through the voices of survivors and new investigative reporting.

Lastly, I’m pleased to share with you some upcoming dates for the 2021-2022 year. Mark them in your calendar. We will continue to update the Massey College website with dates.

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