Bursaries FAQ

A) Are there any bursaries available for Junior Fellows?

Yes, bursaries are available to offset some of the costs. The aim of these bursaries is to assist graduate students in need. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, and community involvement. The overall amount available varies every year, depending on investment returns for the year, and supports four bursary programs for:  Residential fees, Non-Resident food and 5th-year PhD awards, travel awards for research and conferences, and the automatic Jackman Scholar bursary paid for a supplemental residence fee, named in honour of the Visitor Emeritus, the Hon. H.N.R. Jackman.

Resident Junior Fellows: Bursaries for residents fees are awarded on a sliding scale up to $5,000 per student, based on need.  They are applied against residence fees. 

Non-Resident Junior Fellows:  Each Non-Resident who applies is awarded up to $350 to offset costs of College meals.  The bursaries cannot be applied against the Non-Resident fee, for guest meals, alcohol/drinks, or for other college-related charges.

Additionally, 5th Year Non-Resident bursaries of up to $250 are also available for Non-Residents who are in the 5th year of their PhD studies and are no longer funded by their department to offset their Non-Resident fees. All 5th year bursary applicants will also be considered for the food bursary.

SGS Massey Bursaries: In collaboration with the School of Graduate Studies, the SGS Massey Bursaries provide funding of the full fees for Resident and Non-resident Junior Fellows who are part of the following groups: 1) International students, 2) Indigenous students and 3) African-Canadian/Black Canadian students. Applicable Junior Fellows must state their intent to also be considered for the SGS Massey Bursary as part of the financial assistance application, identify their corresponding group, and demonstrate great financial need. A limit of one Resident and one Non-Resident bursary is available for each group.

Catherall Travel Bursaries:  Each January all Resident and Non-Resident Junior Fellows may apply for a travel bursary to subsidize travel for research or attendance at a conference.  Amounts are awarded based on the net cost of the trip and varies depending on the number of applications received that year.

Jackman Scholar Bursary:  Included as part of the total residence fees, a supplemental fee of $2,650 per Resident Junior Fellow is charged to each Resident Junior Fellow and is paid simultaneously and automatically by the Jackman Scholar bursary, named in honour of the Visitor Emeritus, the Hon. H.N.R. Jackman.

B) When are bursary applications due?

The non-negotiable deadline to apply for a Resident fee and Non-Resident food or 5th year bursaries is the same as the deadline for Junior Fellowship applications.  There is only ONE deadline per year

The Catherall travel bursaries are due in January 2020. 

C) Are international students eligible to apply for bursaries?

Yes, the College also provides bursaries for international students who have been offered a Junior Fellowship at the College. 

D) Do you offer any other financial support to Junior Fellows outside of fees?

Glad you asked. Yes, travel grants are available to both Resident and Non-Resident Junior Fellows to attend conferences, or for research opportunities outside of Toronto. There is only ONE deadline per year and it is every January.  The exact dates vary, but all Junior Fellows get notified about the annual deadline in December. In 2018-2019, we awarded 50 bursaries and the amounts were from $250 to $1,500, depending on financial need, availability of department or other funding and the involvement in the Massey community.

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