For Resident and Non-Resident Junior Fellows

2020 – 2021

Financial assistance is available to those with demonstrated financial need and is designed to supplement other methods of funding. 

Resident Junior Fellows may apply for a bursary to be applied against their residence fees up to $5,000.

Non-resident Junior Fellows may apply for a bursary to be applied against meals at the College, up to $350.

Non-resident Junior Fellows, who are in their 5th year of PhD studies and are no longer funded, may apply for a bursary of up to $300, to offset the cost of their non-resident fee. A Non-resident meal bursary will automatically be considered as part of this application.

Additionally, in collaboration with the School of Graduate Studies, the SGS Massey Bursaries provide funding of the full fees for Resident and Non-resident Junior Fellows who identify with one of the following groups: 1) International students, 2) Indigenous students and 3) Afro-Caribbean/Black-Canadian students. Applicable Junior Fellows must state their intent to also be considered for the SGS Massey Bursary as part of the financial assistance application, identify their corresponding group, and demonstrate financial need. A limit of one Resident and one Non-Resident bursary is available for each group.

Please note:

  • Estimates of expenses and available funding are to be shown for 12 months (not just the 8-month academic year).
  • Medical expenses claimed must be for treatment prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner; allowable dental costs do not include cosmetic dentistry; health insurance premiums may be claimed by out-of-province residents only.
  • “Other expenses” do not include costs related to travel and research. A separate application process for those expenses will be available in December 2020.
  • Bursary awards will only be considered where anticipated financing is less than estimated expenses.

You must have a SIN/ITN number in order to receive a bursary. 

A T4A slip indicating the bursary amount will be issued to each recipient during the calendar year. Under current tax laws, this bursary is non-taxable for University students.

Please note that there is only one deadline per year. Bursary applications are due on May 1, 2020. Awards will be communicated by  mid-June, 2020.

Applications are available for electronic submission. See link below.