2020-2021 Junior Fellow Fees

Resident Junior Fellow 

Fees for Resident Junior Fellows include accommodation in suites consisting of a bedroom and adjacent private study, with housekeeping services, and all meals, six days a week (Monday-Saturday), as well as the formal High Table dinners.

Residency at Massey College covers the period from Tuesday, September 8, 2020 to Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Junior Fellows have the option to choose either a 2-terms (September to April) or a 3-terms period (September to August – Summer Residence).

An initial, non-refundable deposit of $1,000 for Resident Junior Fellows is payable on acceptance of a Junior Fellowship. 

Residence fees during the residency period vary, depending on payment plan option. The options are as follows:

a) Installment Option
Total fees paid under this option in 2020-2021 are $14,175

 b) Monthly Payment Option
Total fees paid under this option in 2020-2021 are $14,480

 c) Prepayment Option
Total fees paid under this option in 2020-2021 are $13,875

Summer Residence Additional Option
– One-month stay: $1,224.00
– Two-months stay: $2,346.00
– Three-months stay: $3,366.00
– Four-months stay: $4,080.00

Non Resident Junior Fellows

Non-Resident Junior Fellow Fee: $ 867
Non-Resident Junior Fellows are offered: Study carrel & locker in the College, a free weekly dinner and discounted meals prepared by professional chefs, convivial, intellectual, multi-disciplinary environment, social activities, including reading groups, receptions and lecture series, networking and mentorship opportunities.
The fee is normally paid within a month of acceptance of the Fellowship offer.

Bursaries are available for both Resident and Non-Resident Junior Fellows.
Check our Bursaries Page for more information

**Note: College fees do not include academic fees and other fees payable to the University, or incidental fees incurred for guest meals or bar charges. They also do not include fees for gown rental ($75 in 2019-2020) , key deposit ($100 in 2019-2020) and the Lionel Massey Fund fee ($35 in 2019-2020).