The call for nominations for new Quadrangle Society members is now open: if you know of somebody outside the academia who would enrich the Massey Community, please consider submitting a nomination. Please note that each member may nominate only one candidate per year.

In keeping with Massey’s commitment to diversity, we encourage nominations of racialized persons / persons of colour, women, Indigenous / Aboriginal People of North America, persons with disabilities, LGBTQ persons, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas.

Nominations will be accepted until January 31, 2020.

Guidelines for submission:

  • Each nominee must be supported by two nominators within the Massey community, one of whom will serve as lead nominator.
  • Nominations must be submitted through this online form. Please include a letter from each nominator outlining reasons for supporting the nomination, and the candidate’s CV. All documents must be in .pdf format.
  • Nominees should meet some or all of the following criteria:
    • high achievement in their chosen discipline for their stage of career,
    • community service and commitment to the public good,
    • engagement or experience with graduate students, and
    • clear indication that they will actively participate in the life of the college as described in the document Expectations of Members of The Quadrangle Society of Massey College.

Selection Process:

  1. The persons on the proposed slate will be contacted by a representative of the Quadrangle Society Nominating Sub-Committee with the question of whether the nominated person would like her/his/their name to stand on the ballot.
  2. The final slate of candidates will be submitted for approval by the Governing Board.
  3. The Quadrangle Society member term will begin in July each year.
  4. The initial term of a Quadrangle Society member is three years, followed by possible renewals at each subsequent three-year mark.

We are looking forward to receiving your nominations.

David R. Smith,
Quadrangle Society Chair
Massey College