Our alumni are integral to the Massey Community. Now numbering 2,950, our alumni continue to share and exemplify the values of intellectual curiosity, collaboration and commitment to serving the public good that first brought them to Massey College. They are pursuing careers and taking on leadership roles in almost every discipline in academia, corporate, public and not-for-profit industries across Canada and around the world. They have become lawyers, scientists, physicians, policy makers, CEOs, astronauts, economists, professors, investment bankers, engineers, musicians, venture capitalists, writers, entrepreneurs and more.

Throughout the year, alumni remain connected to the College as volunteers and lend their time and expertise as Governing Council and committee members, mentors, and participate in the events and programs of the College.

Through formal and informal programs and events, and opportunities to be engaged with current Junior Fellows the Massey College staff and Massey College Alumni Council work to ensure that past Junior Fellows, William Southam Journalism Fellows, Visiting Scholars and Editorial Fellows remain engaged, and to know they always have a home at Massey College.

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We're here for you.

The Massey College Alumni Association (MCAA), supported by the Principal and staff of the College, develops and maintains relationships between Massey Alumni to strengthen the bond alumni have with the College. The MCAA works to support and grow a network of communication to encourage participation in the continuing life of the Massey community and in programs that enrich their professional, cultural and personal lives.

Our current MCAA Council Members:

Jane Hilderman

Brent Jolly

Kari Maaren

Alexandra Sorin (Co-President)

Olivier Sorin (Co-President)

Observers: Wanekia Dunn, Alex Kostenko, Rosie Martin,

Contact the MCAA Council:

The Massey College Alumni Association (MCAA) is hosting our first AGM on Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 6:30pm. At this meeting, Massey College alumni will ratify the draft Constitution and By-Laws of the MCAA (found HERE). These foundational documents of good governance will allow the MCAA to be the official voice of the Alumni and provide the Association with tools to strengthen and support the Alumni Fellowship and Massey College.

Notice of the AGM, AGM Agenda, MCAA Nomination Report and meeting materials were distributed to all Massey College alumni electronically. To attend the AGM, alumni must register HERE

With questions or concerns regarding the MCAA AGM, please contact Catherine Fowler, Director of Advancement at

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