Massey College is committed to the safety of its staff and residents while continuing to pursue its mission of nourishing learning and serving the public good.

As per the province wide shutdown, Massey College has ceased all in-person events and dining (with the exception of meals for Junior Fellows and Senior Residents) until further notice. 

Principles of the Massey COVID Protocol:
  1. Compliance with public health recommendations, provincial and municipal directives as well as University of Toronto guidelines for residences and events;
  2. Protection of the health and safety of residents and staff;
  3. Accommodation of programming to respond to the needs of the community.
  4. Proper identification of all guests, visitors and employees, other than Resident Junior Fellows for contact tracing and control of COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering the College.


Changes to this Protocol may be brought at any time in light of changing public health ordinances, development of best practices in light of scientific knowledge or the experience of users.  We know that the situation is constantly evolving and additional safety measures may be implemented on an urgent basis at any time.

This Protocol deals with first with the Prevention measures applicable at the College, then the measures that will be adopted if a staff or resident is suspected of or diagnosed with COVID-19, and the measures that will be put in place if the College has to curtail its operations once again and finally the support and enforcement necessary.

A. COVID-19 Prevention Measures

All members of the community must observe the following:

  • Physical distancing of 2 metres should be observed whenever possible.
  • Frequent hand washing and sanitizing should be carried out.
  • Good cough and sneeze etiquette (in one’s sleeve) must be observed
  • Avoid touching one’s face.
  • Signage is posted at front gate: “All persons entering or remaining in enclosed common areas on these premises shall wear a mask or face covering which covers the nose, mouth and chin as required under Toronto By-Law 541-2020”.
  • Visitors, including guests of Junior Fellows and members of the Massey Community will be limited in numbers  and must register with the Porter’s Office, if possible in advance.
  • Visitors must sanitize their hands at front gate and wear masks while in the public areas of the College.
  • All staff, residents and guests enter and exit from front gate on Devonshire. Kitchen and housekeeping deliveries come in through the back gate or elevator where there will be hand sanitizing stations.
  • This Protocol applies to everyone, including workers, supervisors, contractors, suppliers, residents and members of the Community
  • This Protocol will be communicated to employees before they return to work with a recommendation that they complete an online self-assessment before coming to work at

  • Masks are mandatory in all common areas – south building common areas, basement, TV room, Quadrangle and shared corridors in residences.
  • Hand sanitizing stations are set up in each house (one per house), at the entrance to main gate, back gate, foyer of south building, entrance to dining hall.
  • Food Service staff and Housekeeping staff will be provided with gloves and masks. Face shields and goggles will also be provided to workers who require them.
  • Outside workers must wear appropriate PPE and masks are mandatory.

  • Staff and college guests will check in and out with the Porter’s office – guests and outside workers will provide contact information (business name, full name, contact information (phone number), date, time of arrival/departure, reason for visit, rooms/areas visited, screening results.) An on-line form has been developed for staff.
  • The Porter will keep records of maintenance workers and deliveries.

Additional daily cleaning will be done in common areas, library, carrels, and dining areas.

  • Cleaning staff will not enter any rooms that are occupied.
  • Offices will be cleaned with all touch areas wiped with disinfectant.
  • Housekeeping staff will not have access to residents’ rooms. (Maintenance staff may have to enter rooms for repair requests.) Residents must put garbage pails and recycling outside room and take food waste to food waste bins in the basement.
  • Residents must clean and disinfect their rooms with supplied cleaning
  • Residents strip their own linen and put down the laundry chute in each hallway. Fresh linen will be provided in the basement. Linens will be delivered by housekeeping staff once a week.   If a resident is self-isolating (see below):  dirty linens is to be put in a special garbage bag, labelled and left outside the door.   They will be picked up and washed separately.

Daily Cleaning in the Houses:

  • Staff will perform daily cleaning of hallways, washrooms in houses, remove garbage and recycling.

Cleaning of Common Areas:

  • Common Areas (Upper Library, Private Dining Room, Common Room, Robertson Davies Library, Foyer Washrooms, Lower Level Washrooms) will be cleaned and disinfected daily with extra cleaning of high touch surfaces.
  • Cleaning kits will be available in common areas for residents and staff. Anyone using the common area(s) are required to spray with disinfectant and wipe clean after their use.

  • Are responsible to clean their room: garbage and dirty linen will be picked up outside their doors
  • If displaying or suspecting any COVID symptoms, advise Director of Student Life and self-isolate (see below [INSERT LINK)
  • Obey protocol with respect use of public spaces

  • Residents may create their own social circles. Each social circle is a maximum of 10 people until restrictions are eased further. Those in a social circle do not need to physically distance themselves from each other.  Members of social circles or “bubbles” cannot be crossed with other social circles.  It must be the same 10 people. If one of the members of a social circle has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, all of the members of the circle will need to self-isolate.

  • Identify with the Porter for contact tracing
  • Use of carrels and lockers are permitted with sanitizing after use
  • Obey protocol with respect of use of public spaces (wear a mask and observe physical distancing)

  • Cleaning will be done only when residents are not in the office. Otherwise, Senior Resident Researchers are responsible to clean their office: garbage will be picked up outside their doors.
  • If displaying or suspecting any COVID symptoms, do not come to Massey College.
  • Obey protocol with respect use of public spaces (wear a mask and observe physical distancing) .

  • Events will be held virtually or in a hybrid format (combination of in person and virtual format).
  • Indoor dining is permitted in the Dining Hall with a maximum capacity of 36 guests. Plexiglass dividers are in place between each place setting. Outdoor dining is permitted at tables outside in the Quadrangle. Masks are mandatory in the Dining Hall and Quadrangle except when seated at tables for meals. 
  • Meals are served cafeteria style in the Dining Hall and packaged in disposable containers.  Social distancing should be maintained and masks worn while picking up meals and moving about the Dining Hall.

  • All meals are served cafeteria style in the Dining Hall.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be available Monday to Saturday for pickup in the Dining Hall. Everyone entering the dining hall must wash their hands and sanitize before and after picking up meals.
  • Meals served in disposable containers and with disposable cutlery. Single serve drinks.
  • Signage has been posted to indicate to staff and those coming to dining hall with respect to handwashing, physical distancing, notice of entry restriction for those with symptoms of infection.
  • Arrangements may be made with Catering Services to place meals in the Student Kitchen fridge if absent due to class commitments.
  • No re-usable bags or containers may be brought into the Dining Hall for meal pickup.
  • Meals may be consumed in the Dining Hall (maximum 36 guests at one time), at tables in the Quadrangle, or in residents’ rooms
  • Massey Admin staff take meals back to their office.
  • Massey kitchen staff will eat at staggered meal times.
  • Personal items (e.g. bags, knapsacks, water bottles) will not be allowed in the Dining Hall. Residents should leave these items in their rooms. Other dining hall guests should leave them in the cloakroom.
  • Face masks and hand washing/sanitizing are required to enter dining hall.
  • Face masks must be worn in the dining hall at all times while moving about. 
  • Floor markings and barriers to manage traffic flow and physical distancing.
  • Staff breaks to be managed to allow distancing. Staggered breaks and meal times.
  • Staff numbers and work areas managed to maintain distancing.
  • The dining hall is only accessible at times designated for meal pickup.

Schedule for pick up of meals:

  • Breakfast 8:00am-9:30am
  • Lunch 12:00pm-1:30pm
  • Dinner  5:30pm-7:00pm

  • All kitchen deliveries and laundry pick up are left outside of kitchen door

  • The student kitchen will be available on a signup basis that will be determined with the Resident Junior Fellows. Anyone using the student kitchen should clean and disinfect after each use.

Non-Res students may sign up for any lunch or dinner, Monday to Friday, with a cap of 10 Non-Res at any one meal.

Sign up will be done through the Porter’s Office.

Resident Junior Fellows who would like to invite a guest to visit the college must register their guest with The Porter beforehand.

  • Common areas will be available for use when not in use for events.
  • Physical distancing must be observed and masks worn.  Members of the same household or social circle do not need to distance from each other – maximum 10 per social circle. Masks must be worn.
  • Sanitizing supplies will be available for self-cleaning after use.

  • Massey Administration staff will be present at the college on staggered days to allow for physical distancing in shared offices, and will be otherwise available by email and phone.
  • Meeting and communications will be virtual with “face-to-face” meeting happening when necessary with physical distancing and masks.
  • Limited number of people can work in one space.
  • Exchange of physical documents will be limited with digital copies sent whenever possible.
  • There will be increased frequency of sanitation of surfaces and equipment and elimination of sharing of office supplies, equipment and devices whenever possible. Individual cleaning kits/supplies for each office.

  • Volunteers and visitors cannot be accommodated in the Library or Bibliography Room.
  • Workers in the Bibliography Room are limited to a maximum of four at a time, adhering to physical distancing measures and wearing face masks.
  • The only people working in the Bibliography Room will be: Joel Vaughan, College Printer; Stephen Sword, Lead Printer; Leora Bromberg, BHPC printing apprentice and MMSt. Intern; Florian Muller, BHPC printing apprentice; Don Taylor, Bookbinder.
  • Shared surfaces in the room will be wiped down at the end of each session.

  • Where possible, research inquiries should be handled remotely through mail, photography, scanning, or telephone
  • On-site research visits to the Library will operate by appointment through email inquiry with the Assistant Librarian, Julia Warren (
  • All researchers will be required to check in on arrival with the Massey College Porter, and follow College protocol, including use of face masks at all times in the Reading Room
  • Only two students or researchers may share a reading room table and must wear masks.
  • More than two students may share a reading room table if they are with in the same social circle or “bubble”.

  • The Porters Lodge is equipped with a plexiglass barrier, but should only be entered when absolutely necessary. Entrance to the office is limited to one person at a time.
  • Porters will conduct an on-line self assessment before coming to work.
  • Weather permitting, all packages should be placed on the bench outside at the main entrance. Porter will collect packages after courier has left.
  • Porter will inform recipient of package delivery, and have them pick it up as soon as possible.
  • Porters will ensure ALL trades are wearing PPE while on site.
  • Porter should be contacted for pick up items and a time arranged that the item can be set outside the Lodge for pickup.
  • Sanitization of common touch surfaces, equipment and devices before and after shift changes. This includes the intercom, telephone, postage machine, fridge, air conditioning unit, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. Frequent sanitizing of the door knob, inside and out.
  • Perform screening (verbal, temperature check) and receive declaration from guests.
  • Hours:

Monday to Friday, 9:00am-4:30pm (Massey College Porters)


10:00 am -4:00 pm

(Security Guard)

  • Catering options will be offered to the extent that it is possible to comply with provincial and municipal guidelines. Technological support for on-line participation is also available.

B. Procedures for Suspected or Positive COVID-19 Cases

  • You do not have to quarantine when you enter from another Canadian province, territory or region unless you have symptoms of COVID-19.
  • For all travellers please refer to Province of Ontario website regarding travelling. 

Staff Members:

  • Inform direct supervisor and self-isolate immediately.
  • Employee cooperate with college staff and Toronto Public Health to identify close contacts and follow direction from Toronto Public Health.
  • Residents and other staff informed of positive test result.
  • Prior to returning to work, staff must provide letter from their case contact at Toronto Public Health confirming their approval to return to work.


  • Residents must inform The Director, Student Life ( or 647-973-2403) immediately and self-isolate/quarantine.
  • kitchen staff will deliver meals to isolation suite door Monday to Saturday

  • A suite with washroom will be maintained for someone who must self-isolate
  • Residents must contact Toronto Public Health for direction.
  • Residents must provide letter from Toronto Public Health approving end of self-isolation.

  • Residents should self-isolate in their room – washroom will be quarantined for the ill resident – or move to quarantine suite with washroom. Take the online self-assessment (
  • Referred to Toronto Public Health for testing and monitoring. Toronto Public Health surveillance unit contacted by Director of Student Life – 416 392-7411 or 3-1-1 – will provide guidance on information that should be shared with close contacts/college staff
  • Staff members with symptoms should return home and self-isolate immediately. If the worker cannot leave immediately, they should be isolated until they are able to leave.  If the worker is very ill, call 911 and let the operator know that the person may have COVID-19.
  • Staff should contact their doctor or Telehealth Ontario 1-866-797-0000 (
  • When a resident or a staff is suspected of having COVID- 19, the situation should be communicated to the Principal’s Office and Human Resources, Elena Romanova; The Principal’s Office will send out the communication to the community and to the residents.
  • Close contacts of individual suspected should isolate and be monitored for symptoms with testing and isolation while test results evaluated.
  • Kitchen staff will deliver food to self-isolating residents Monday to Saturday. 

  • The College will contact Toronto Public Health and report the outbreak/request guidance.
  • If a kitchen staff member contracts the virus, kitchen facility may have to close down. Alternate plan to have food delivered or a pickup location for residents to get their meals is in place.
  • Information will be provided to residents, staff and the community.
  • A close contact tracing list will be generated and communicated to Toronto Public Health.
  • Noticed to be submitted to the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.
  • Deep Cleaning for common areas, staff office if staff member infected, kitchen area if kitchen staff infected.

C. If Massey College needs to limit its operations in response to new emergency orders

  • In an event of shutdown, all resident Junior Fellows will have two possibilities:

    • Move out of the residence, if they have alternative accommodation. As per Residence Agreement, the College will refund a pro rata portion of any amounts paid by a Junior Fellow (bursaries provided by the College are not subject to any refund.
    • Remain in residence, if they don’t have access to an alternative accommodation. Junior Fellows who remain in residence will be guaranteed meals, cleaning and porter services, either via Massey’s facilities or alternative arrangements (like meal boxed system through other UofT Colleges and sharing cleaning and porter duties).

    Non-resident Junior Fellows will have the possibility to apply for a refund of the meal part of their fee and continue as Virtual Non-resident Junior Fellows.

    All Junior Fellows will have access to Massey’s on-line events, and to Massey’s  administrative staff and services via email, phone and video-conference. Online student life events will be encouraged to maintain the community together and foster collegiality despite physical isolation.

    Three rooms with washrooms to be emptied, cleaned, and sanitized in the event we needed to self-isolate a COVID positive Junior Fellow.

  • Administration Staff will work from home or come in to offices when necessary
  • Operations meeting and communications performed remotely
  • Principal Stays in College to support and run the college

  • Dining Hall service suspended
  • Kitchen prepares for closure
  • All bookings and events cancelled, clients notified
  • Catering Manager notified by Director of Student Life of number of students remaining in residence, dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc.)
  • Alternate arrangements made with outside contractor for boxed meal delivery to College, placed in foyer on tables for pick up at designated times. Boxed meals delivered and labelled with individual names.  If there is a waiting period for boxed meals to be arranged, provide food via “Skip the Dishes” or alternative.  If possible for skeleton staff of chef/cooks to be on premises, boxed meals prepared in Massey kitchen. Individually labelled boxed meals and drinks in single serve containers placed on tables in foyer for students to pick up at designated times.
  • A microwave oven is made available in each of the houses to minimize the use of student kitchen.
  • Small fridges provided for students’ rooms.
  • If residents must self-isolate in rooms, a buddy system is implemented or someone is hired to deliver meals to residents’ rooms.

  • Certain areas become restricted (such as Dining Hall and Upper Library).
  • Sanitizing stations set up in all accessible common areas of the building including each house.
  • Cleaning products and gloves distributed to remaining Resident Junior Fellow to clean their own rooms and bathrooms.
  • Resident Junior Fellows hired to perform necessary duties.
  • Additional garbage and recycling bins set out in designated areas.

  • Porter’s office closed with limited access to the property.
  • Resident Junior Fellows hired to manage deliveries and mail.


We expect the members of our Community to follow these Guidelines. It is important to our community to keep its members save and do its part to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Failure to abide by these Directives will be considered a violation of the rules of the College.

Members who are concerned about a failure to respect the Rules by another member should report the occurrence to the:

Catering and Facilities Manager (with respect to kitchen staff)

Building Manager ( with respect to cleaning staff)

Director of Student Life  (with respect to Junior Fellows)

Principal of the College (with respect to other members of the Community or visitors).  

A script that reflects our respect for the members of our community and our values of non-discrimination has been developed.

Members of the community or their guests who display a complete disregard for the well-being of others at the College, for example, failing to observe public health etiquette for coughing or sneezing, may be asked to leave by the Head Steward.


This Protocol was developed in consultation with staff and residents.  It has been approved by the Governing Board’s Risk Committee. We are particularly grateful to Greg Cerson, Head Steward for his leadership on managing the consultation and the information collection.

The COVID situation is changing daily.  Massey College reserves its right to change this Protocol at any time, if public safety requires it.  We welcome comments and suggestions from members of the community to improve this Protocol.


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