Virtual Book Launch – Peter L. Biro’s “Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship”

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Virtual Book Launch – Peter L. Biro’s “Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship”

Wednesday, August 26 at 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm EDT

This online event is open to everyone – no RSVP or registration is required. Follow this link to tune in to the discussion.



Our age marks a departure, by governments throughout the west, from the norms that had come to define advanced, liberal democracies in the post-war period. Alas, western democracies are everywhere backsliding and retreating from their adherence to these values and institutions.


The essays in Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship probe the sources and malaise now confronting liberal constitutional democracy. However, they go much further. Many of the essays are, indeed, roadmaps for a realistic and cultivated response to our present condition. The clues for a rehabilitated democracy are found here both analytically and prescriptively. The book is organized into discrete Parts that take the reader from an assessment of the crisis (The Retreat of Liberal Democracy), through an expose of the core operating principles (The Gold Standard: Liberal Democracy’s Basic Values), the stresses on the system (The Basic Values Under Pressure), the social psychology of democracy (The Democratic Attitude of Mind), social media’s impact (The Internet’s Challenges for Democracy), the future of elections (Data and Democratic Decision-Making) and civic engagement and activism (Heroic Citizenship in Spirit and Action). The contributors include a cross-section of acclaimed scholars, activists, cultural creators, entrepreneurs, jurists, public servants, and more.


Join us for the launch of Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship. Editor Peter L. Biro will join us for a discussion on the state and future of liberal democracy, hosted by Massey College Principal Nathalie Des Rosiers with Senior Fellow and writer, theologian, and social activist Mary Jo Leddy, and Junior Fellow and PhD student pursuing a collaborative program in Political Science and South Asian Studies, Nidhi Panwar.


This online event is open to everyone – no RSVP or registration is required to participate. Tune in here to watch the discussion.


To purchase your copy of Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship, you have options! You can email to submit your order directly, click here to visit the Mosaic Press website, or, alternately, click here to visit the IPG Books website



“What if liberalism is too pragmatic to be transcendent? What if it can’t compete with the fundamentalisms that humans are drawn to in uncertain times? I’ve lost sleep over those questions – until reading this remarkable book. The contributors not only call for “heroic citizenship”, they show us how to practice it. Hence the new question that keeps me awake: Do we care enough about democracy to role-model it?”

— Irshad Manji, Founder, Moral Courage Project, author of Don’t Label Me: An Incredible Conversation for Divided Times


“A most timely and significant book. Democracy – its values, institutions, principles – is everywhere under threat. Canada has a distinguishable role to play in the protection of the liberal democratic order and this book can help inspire that understanding and action.”

— The Honourable Irwin Cotler, Founding Chair of the Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights, Professor Emeritus at McGill University Faculty of Law, Former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada and a longtime parliamentarian.


Constitutional Democracy Under Stress: A Time for Heroic Citizenship should be required reading for any citizen interested in where democratic society is headed as we collectively march further into the 21st Century.”

— John Hollins, Former Chief Electoral Officer of Ontario, former CEO of Elections Ontario





Peter L. Biro is a lawyer, NGO leader, writer, corporate CEO, Chair Emeritus of the Jane Goodall Institute, Global and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is the Founder of, a civil society and civics education initiative dedicated to the cultivation of an engaged, liberal democratic citizenship. He lives in Toronto.


Mary Jo Leddy is a writer, speaker, theologian and social activist. As a peace campaigner, refugee advocate, and university lecturer, Mary has consistently demanded individual and institutional integrity and accountability. Mary is the Founding Director of Romero House, Community for Refugees, and the founding editor of Catholic New Times. Dr. Leddy is the author of several books including Radical Gratitude, and At the Border Called Hope: Where Refugees Are Neighbours. She has received the Order of Canada and is a recipient of the Ida Nudel Human Rights Award, among many others. We are happy to count Dr. Leddy as a Senior Fellow here at Massey College.


Nidhi Panwar is a Junior Fellow and a second year PhD student in a collaborative Political Science and South Asian Studies program focusing on counterterrorism and human rights. She is a recipient of the SSHRC Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship to honor Nelson Mandela and is an advisor to the National Youth Engagement Committee of the Canadian Red Cross where she previously worked in fund development and disaster management during the BC wildfires. She is a co-founder of ATMA, an NGO supporting access to health in rural Himalayas where she is originally from. Nidhi is passionate about Bollywood, bullet journaling, elephants and visa stamps in her passport.