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Curators in Conversation: Lessons from the Past on Climate Change and Our Future

This event will be broadcast online and is free and open to all – there is no login or registration required to tune in. Click here to watch the livestream.

What can we learn from our past that will help us prepare for the enormous changes caused by the climate crisis? Join us as curators from the Royal Ontario Museum Deepali Dewan, Kim Tait, Sarah Fee, Justin Jennings and Doug Currie share objects from the museum’s world-famous collections, discussing the relationship between human actions and the natural world. Listen in as ROM curators chat with Junior Fellows Laina Southgate, Jenna McKellips, Cam Galindo, Sandhya Mylabathula and Alumni Gurveer Bains about objects that mark periods of climate fluctuations and environmental change, and the knowledge we can glean from them as we plan for our future.

Senior Fellow Dr. Dianne Saxe will moderate a round table with ROM Curators Dr. Sarah Fee and Doug Currie and Junior Fellow Cam Galindo.

Dr. Sarah Fee is Senior Curator, Global Fashion & Textiles at the ROM. She is responsible for the museum’s renowned collection of 15,000 textiles and fashion that come from greater Asia and Africa. She has degrees in anthropology and African studies from the University of Oxford and the School of Oriental Studies in Paris. Her research focuses on the making and trade of cloth in Madagascar and the western Indian Ocean. She is lead curator for the ROM original exhibition Cloth that Changed the World: The Painted and Printed Cottons of India, which opened this year, and editor of the companion catalogue. Dr. Fee is cross-appointed to the Art Department, University of Toronto.

Her current exhibition is: https://www.rom.on.ca/en/exhibitions-galleries/exhibitions/the-cloth-that-changed-the-world-indias-painted-and-printed For this she worked in interdisciplinary manner with botanists and other scientists.  


Doug Currie is a Senior Curator in morphology at the Royal Ontario Museum. His Ph.D. dissertation, Morphology and Systematics of Primitive Simuliidae, examined the early evolutionary relationships of black flies — a notorious pest of birds and mammals. He joined the ROM in 1993 after post-doctoral fellowships at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia (1990 – 1992) and the Canadian National Collection of Insects and Arachnids in Ottawa, Ontario (1992 – 1993). He is actively engaged in teaching at the graduate- and undergraduate levels through his cross-appointment to the University of Toronto.

Doug’s research interests are focused on the systematics and comparative biology of aquatic insects, with special reference to black flies. His emphasis on aquatic organisms maintains a long-standing focus of ROM entomology, which includes the research collections of Edmund M. Walker (1918 – 1968, dragonflies and damselflies) and Glenn B. Wiggins (1952 – 2013, caddisflies). Doug continues to study the morphology and systematics of world black flies, but now includes cutting-edge molecular approaches to address long standing species-identity problems. His most recent research studies the effects of climate change on northern black flies, and the diversity and evolution of Gondwanan black flies from Australia, Southern Africa and Patagonia.


Cam Galindo is a current Master of Public Policy student at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, and a resident Junior Fellow at Massey College. His policy interests in economics, public health, and education developed through experiential learning opportunities, community organizing, and as a public school board trustee. In 2018, he was elected trustee onto the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) and currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Board.As a first-generation student, Galindo graduated from McMaster University in 2017 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, a Minor in economics, and an integrated Business Studies Certificate from Mohawk College.


Mar 08 2021


7:00 pm - 8:15 pm

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