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Junior Fellows study a variety of fields at the UofT, including the social sciences, humanities, health sciences and medicine, engineering, law, computer sciences and music. Any applicant from any discipline is encouraged to apply for Fellowship, granted they are a UofT graduate student.

For information on how to apply for Junior Fellowship, please see our Junior Fellows page.

Yes. Massey does provide bursaries for both Resident and Non-Resident Fellows. These bursaries aid in the cost of accommodation and meals at the College. Please see the Junior Fellow bursaries FAQ.

It is a College tradition that members of the Massey community wear academic gowns to formal dinners.

Any time! As a Non-Resident you  get a key to Massey, which means you can come by for lunch, to study, or use the library.

Unfortunately we do not accommodate specific dietary restrictions and cannot guarantee our kitchen is free of allergens. We do post our menu online each week, with asterix* to note which meals are vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and/or halal. If you are unsure of what is contained in a certain dish, please ask the kitchen staff who can direct you to a list of ingredients.

Junior Fellows are an integral part of Massey and its evolution. They are self-governed and participate in the governing of the college, having two representatives on its board. They also run a number of committees, organize seminars, conferences and various events, the most notable being the Junior Fellow Lecture Series

High Tables are formal social dinners that happen at the College approximately once a month. Typically, High Tables begin with drinks in the Junior Common Room, then a formal dinner in Ondaatje Hall with speeches and music, as well as the introductions of the new Massey fellows and special guests. The dinner is followed by a reception in the Upper Library. Some examples of High Table themes are: Black History Month, Indigenous Heritage Celebration Day and International Women’s Day.

Once you’re signed into the Member Directory on our website, you can RSVP to High Tables.

Please request a booking via the form on the website [link] NEED TO UPDATE

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