First Senior Fellow Luncheon on The Varsity

First Senior Fellow Luncheon on The Varsity

An article about our first Senior Fellow Luncheon, our series under the new guidance of Prof. Jennifer Jankins and Prof. Mohamad Tavakoli, appeared today on The Varsity, the University of Toronto’s Students Newspaper.

Thanks to our Junior Fellow Audrey Rochette and to Prof. Heidi Bonhaker for being such amazing speakers!

After a nearly two-year inquiry, a Faculty of Arts & Science (FAS) commission has formally recommended that the University of Toronto create and construct a new “Indigenous College with Residence Space.”

The announcement was made at a Massey College event on September 17 by co-chairs of the commission, Associate Professor Heidi Bohaker and Junior Fellow Audrey Rochette. They have been engaged in this commission, called the Decanal Working Group (DWG), since the summer of 2016, when it was created by FAS Dean David Cameron.