Junior Fellow Applications

New Junior Fellows applications for the 2021/2022 Academic Year are now closed.

Please check this page in January 2022 for the Academic Year 2022-23.

Application Process

All applications, including the reference letters, must be submitted electronically in the requested format (.pdf).


Please ensure you have all of the requisite documentation available in digital format prior to beginning the application process. Please note we only accept documents in .pdf form. Once you have compiled the required documentation, please fill out the Junior Fellow Application Form and upload the following documents:

2021-2022 Junior Fellow Fees*

Fees for Resident Junior Fellows include accommodation in suites consisting of a bedroom and adjacent private study, with housekeeping services, and all meals, six days a week (Monday-Saturday), as well as the formal High Table dinners.

Residency at Massey College covers the period from Tuesday, September 7, 2021 to Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Junior Fellows have the option to choose either a 2-terms (September to April) or a 3-terms period (September to August – Summer Residence).

An initial, non-refundable deposit of $1,000 for Resident Junior Fellows is payable on acceptance of a Junior Fellowship. Residence fees during the residency period vary, depending on payment plan option. The options are as follows:

Resident Junior Fellow

  • Instalment Option $14,460

    Total fees paid under this option in 2021-2022

  • Monthly Payment Option $14,775

    Total fees paid under this option in 2021-2022

  • Prepayment Option $14,150

    Total fees paid under this option in 2021-2022

Summer Residence Additional Option

  • One-month stay $1,770
  • Two-months stay $3,440
  • Three-months stay $5,010
  • Four-months stay $5,730

    Rates include 3 meals/day from May to July and breakfast from August 1st to August 20.

Non-Resident Junior Fellows

  • Non-Resident Junior Fellow Fee: $884

    Total fees paid under this option in 2021-2022

Non-Resident Junior Fellows are offered: Study carrel & locker in the College, a free weekly dinner and discounted meals prepared by professional chefs, convivial, intellectual, multi-disciplinary environment, social activities, including reading groups, receptions and lecture series, networking and mentorship opportunities.

The fee is normally paid within a month of acceptance of the Fellowship offer.

**Note: College fees do not include academic fees and other fees payable to the University, or incidental fees incurred for guest meals or bar charges. They also do not include fees for gown rental ($75) , key deposit ($100) and the Lionel Massey Fund fee ($35).


Applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Several factors are taken into consideration:

  • academic achievement;
  • scholarships and honours;
  • community engagement outside academia;
  • work and professional experience;
  • other factors such as personal characteristics, ambition, commitment to learning and participation

It is a good idea to give the Admissions Committee a clear, honest and comprehensive view of you as a person, not just an academic. Do you play an instrument? Are you a movie buff? Are you passionate about a specific community or cause? The Admissions Committee wants to know!

Upon selection and acceptance, election of new Junior Fellows is approved by Massey’s Governing Board.

Applications are accepted between February 1, 2021 and until April 30, 2021. You may NOT apply before or after these dates.

No, there is no application fee.

The outline of proposed work applies to graduate students pursuing an M.A. or PhD. Though it doesn’t hurt to let the Admissions Committee know what interests you in law/medicine/dentistry etc., and you are welcomed and encouraged to write a few words regarding why you’re interested in your specific field.

Please advise us at admissions@masseycollege.ca in advance of the application deadline and we will accept the transcripts when they become available.

You may apply even if you have not yet received an offer of admission from the University of Toronto, but you should indicate when you expect to hear about your admission. Instead of the proof of admission, please upload a pdf indicating when you expect to receive your offer.

All of the requisite documentation can be submitted via the online Junior Fellow Application Form.
Supporting documentation is as follows:

  • a cover letter indicating why you wish to be a member of Massey College between 450 and 500 words;
  • a curriculum vitae, including details of education, scholarships, and honours achieved, and an account of other interests and activities;
  • a brief outline (no more than 250 words), of proposed graduate work or interests within your selected discipline;
  • evidence of admission to the University of Toronto (although you may apply even if you have not yet received an offer of admission from the University of Toronto, but will have to indicate this in your application letter with an expected response date);
  • a scanned copy of official academic transcripts or ACORN screenshot (if admitted, the Committee may request the original versions of the scanned documents.)
  • Names and email addresses of two referees (former/current Professors or Community Leaders, Employers or Supervisors whom you have worked with in the past 5 years). As soon as you submit your application, they will receive an email from Massey College inviting them to complete a reference form.

Applicants must be full-time graduate students at the University of Toronto. Applications are open to all degrees and disciplines, including  professional degrees such as law, medicine or dentistry.

The Committee must ensure representation among Junior Fellows from all academic disciplines, genders, ethnic, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. To ensure a diverse student body, the Committee also looks at non-academic life and work experience.

The numbers depend on the re-applications of existing Junior Fellows. On average, there are 20 openings for Resident and 30-40 spots for Non-Resident Junior Fellows each year.

Yes. Massey’s Junior Fellowship consists of 25% International and 75% Canadian Junior Fellows.

Starting from 2021, we will be accepting post-doc applications for Junior Fellowship. Each year, up to 4 spots will be available for post-docs.

No. We only permit election to Junior Fellowship for the entire 34 weeks of the academic year.

Junior Fellows may apply for re-election in each of four succeeding years, for a total of 5 years. Residence, however, cannot exceed a total of three years.

Yes, election is for one year.

Applicants will receive confirmation when all documents have been received, and will be advised of the decisions of the Admissions Committee by mid-June.

Applicants are requested to use our online application form. All documentation, including reference letters, should be in .pdf format.

We have moved to online application system only.  Our intention is to ensure that all applicants, locally and internationally, have an equal opportunity to apply.

Your application should be addressed to the Admissions Committee.

The Admissions Committee consists of Senior Fellows, Alumni and departing Junior Fellows. The Committee is divided into 4 sub-committees – for Division I (Humanities), Division II (Social Sciences),  Division III (Physical Sciences) and Division IV (Life Sciences). Together they select candidates for Junior Fellowship.

We require the names and email addresses of 2 referees (former/current Professors or Community Leaders, Employers or Supervisors whom you have worked with in the past 5 years). As soon as you submit your application, they will receive an email from Massey College with a link to complete a reference form. The reference form is a list of characteristics that we think a Massey College Junior Fellow should have. The referee can also add a comment at the end of the form. Please make sure they submit the reference form by May 7, 2021 at 12:00pm.

Your academic achievements and your area of study are already covered in other documents you are submitting. When reading reference comments, the Admissions Committee is interested how you interact with your peers, your professors and the world in general, as well as how you apply your studies and your knowledge to give back to the community.

When you apply to Massey College, you should also apply for bursaries and financial aid to partially cover the cost of residence and meals. Information on fees, bursaries and grants is available here.

You may apply for a bursary AFTER you submitted your application for Junior Fellowship. 

If you have read everything written in this section and have not found answers to your questions, you may contact Massey Admissions at admissions@masseycollege.ca


Awards opportunities are available to Massey College Junior Fellows. For a complete list of Awards opportunities visit our Bursaries Opportunities Page.

Bursaries FAQ

Yes, bursaries are available to offset some of the costs. The aim of these bursaries is to assist graduate students in need. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need. The overall amount available varies every year, depending on investment returns for the year, and supports four bursary programs for:  Residential fees, Non-Resident food and 5th-year PhD awards, travel awards for research and conferences, and the automatic Jackman Scholar bursary paid for a supplemental residence fee, named in honour of the Visitor Emeritus, the Hon. H.N.R. Jackman.

The non-negotiable deadline to apply for a Resident fee and Non-Resident food or 5th year bursaries is the same as the deadline for Junior Fellowship applications.  There is only ONE deadline per year. 

The Catherall travel bursaries are due in January 2021.

Yes, the College also provides bursaries for international students who have been offered a Junior Fellowship at the College.

Yes, travel grants are available to both Resident and Non-Resident Junior Fellows to attend conferences, or for research opportunities outside of Toronto. There is only ONE deadline per year and it is every January.  The exact dates vary, but all Junior Fellows get notified about the annual deadline in December. In 2018-2019, we awarded 50 bursaries and the amounts were from $250 to $1,500, depending on financial need, availability of department or other funding and the involvement in the Massey community.

Financial Assistance For 2021-2022 Resident and Non-Resident Junior Fellows


At the time of application, an applicant must:

  • Be a candidate for 2021-2022 Junior Fellowship (having completed the 2021-22 application form).
  • Demonstrate financial need to support Resident and Non-Resident Massey College fees.
  • Bursary awards will only be considered where anticipated financing is less than estimated expenses.


  • Accurate completion of the application form.
  • Estimates of expenses and available funding are to be shown for 12 months.
  • Medical expenses can be included only if not covered by OHIP’s, UTSGU’s or UHIP’s health plans. Claimed expenses must be for treatment prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner; allowable dental costs do not include cosmetic dentistry.
  • Other expected expenses can include other necessary expenses the candidate expects to incur (e.g. flying home to see parents, additional fees commute, etc.).
    Supporting documentation (e.g. receipts from current year) must be provided upon request.
  • Expenses such as accommodations, food, equipment and sundry are already under consideration and standardized to ensure fairness among all Junior Fellows.
  • Funding information requested includes: graduate funding package, other fellowships, additional income outside of UofT.


  • All completed applications must be received by Friday, April 30th 2021 at 12:00pm.
  • The deadline is firm and final as all funding available will be distributed at the time awards are announced.
  • Awards will be announced by mid-June, 2021.
  • Resident Junior Fellows may apply for a bursary to be applied against their residence fees up to $5,000.
  • Non-resident Junior Fellows may apply for a bursary to be applied against meals at the College, up to $350.
  • Non-resident Junior Fellows who are in their 5th year of PhD studies and are no longer funded, may apply for a bursary of up to $300, to offset the cost of their non-resident fee. A Non-resident meal bursary will automatically be considered as part of this application.
  • In collaboration with the School of Graduate Studies, the SGS Massey Bursaries provide funding of the full fees for Resident and Non-resident Junior Fellows who identify with one of the following groups: 1) International students, 2) Indigenous students and 3) Afro-Caribbean/Black-Canadian students. Applicable Junior Fellows must state their intent to also be considered for the SGS Massey Bursary as part of the financial assistance application, identify their corresponding group, and demonstrate financial need. A limit of one Resident and one Non-Resident bursary is available for each group.
  • You must have a SIN/ITN number in order to receive a bursary.
  • A T4A slip indicating the bursary amount will be issued to each recipient during the calendar year. Under current tax laws, this bursary is non-taxable for University students.
  • Recipients will be notified of their bursary via email by mid-June, 2021.
  • Resident, SGS, and 5th Year bursaries will automatically be applied on the recipients’ accounts at the beginning of the Fall semester.
  • The Non-Resident Food Bursary will be applied monthly throughout the academic year against the recipient’s meals at the College (guest meals are not eligible) until the $350 limit is reached. There is no cash value for any unused amount.
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