Junior Fellow Lecture Series Presents: Checkmate

Junior Fellow Lecture Series Presents: Checkmate

Tonight at Massey: The last Junior Fellow Lecture of this calendar year, in fact three lectures and discussion under the theme “Checkmate”.

When:  8:15pm on Thursday November 21st

Where: Upper Library

Speakers and their talk titles are:

Connor Sebestyen, “Checkmate? From Death Sentences to Mass Amnesties in the Dachau Trials”

Kristina Francescutti, “The Importance of Alternative Sources in Solving Historical Mysteries: A Case Study of the Burial Garb of Eleonora da Toledo”

Trevor Plint, “The Edge of Improbability:  The Strange Universe of Self Assembling Systems”

Moderator: Michael Valpy

All members of the community are more than welcome.