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There are a wide variety of clubs and committees for Junior Fellows to get involved, have fun, and serve. 

The Lionel Massey Fund Reports

This past year, the Lionel Massey Fund continued to organize events throughout the year celebrating the traditions of the Junior Fellowship, while making some changes along the way. From big events to small gatherings, it has been fantastic to see the Junior Fellows’ ongoing commitment to gathering together to celebrate and enjoy the company of our fellow Fellows.

Though the final months of the 2019-2020 academic year have brought unprecedented alterations to Massey College, our year as LMF co-chairs began – as it always does – with the annual Staff Appreciation Barbeque in April 2019. This event gives the Junior Fellows and the wider College community an opportunity to thank the fantastic Staff of Massey College for their superlative work during the year. Last April, our festivities concluded with a wonderful salsa dance lesson organized by Junior Fellow Zoe Sebastien. This spring, in 2020, the barbecue was cancelled due to COVID-19. In the absence of that key event, we would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for the phenomenal work of all College Staff.

Junior Fellows Aarya Patil and Keshna Sood sitting around the fire

During Orientation Week in September we led the Junior Fellowship in welcoming our new members and kicking off a new year. The Junior Fellows also had the opportunity to welcome our new College Principal Nathalie Des Rosiers to our community. The LMF-hosted events included the traditional Scavenger Hunt, an ice cream social in the JCR, a film night, a tour of the campus, a campfire in the Quad, and a trip to Toronto Island. Other members of our community also stepped in to host events, including (but not limited to): David Sutton and Kia Dunn’s annual move-in day Croquet Game and Charcuterie Picnic, Julian Posada’s “Don’s Open Door” gathering, and Rosie Martin’s afternoon tea for non-resident Junior Fellows.

The first term continued with our Harvest Potluck and the usual plethora of events around Halloween, where the creativity of the Junior Fellows was on full display in both the pumpkin carving and costume competitions at our Halloween Party. Both competitions were judged by a group of Massey alumni who debated over the winners with truly impressive dedication. 

Next was the annual Coffee House talent show in late November, followed swiftly by the Junior Fellow Holiday High Table. For the ugly holiday sweater and gingerbread house competitions at this event we were delighted to have our Principal Nathalie and her husband, Michael, act as judges, and glad that they fulfilled their roles with the level of seriousness due to these most important of competitions. In January, Junior Fellow Frank Leenders and Alumn Elizabeth Rouget hosted the ever-popular Trivia Night; in February we held another talent show (the Tea Hut), and celebrated Valentine’s Day with card-making, candy-grams, and a pizza party.

group wearing holiday sweaters

For most Junior Fellows and the broader Massey community, the in-person social life of the College ended with the closure of the College in mid-March due to COVID-19. Because we were unable to gather together to conclude the Massey year, we would like to recognize here the work of Julian Posada as our Don of Hall for 2019-2020, and to congratulate the winners of this year’s House Cup competition: House 5! A special thank you to our House Captains, and to everyone who volunteered to assist with LMF events throughout the year.

We are excited to see what the incoming LMF co-chairs for 2020-2021 will do next year, and we are sure it will be excellent! To our whole Massey community, we extend our thanks for this past year, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

The Community Service Committee (2019-2020 Report)

The Massey Community Service Committee is one tool for our community’s members to engage with our colleagues, neighbours, and surrounding communities.

We started the 2019 academic year with the Friday Food Ministry, which spanned through the fall and winter terms. Many Massey community members volunteered by cooking and serving Friday dinners at St. Thomas’s Church Food Ministry, a soup kitchen located one block away from the College on Huron Street.

On a cold and sunny morning on October 19, we held our Scholars-at-Risk 5 km Gown Run. One of our Scholars-At-Risk beneficiaries gave a short talk about the impact of the program on their life and education at the University of Toronto, followed by a comedic run/walk/stroll throughout the neighbourhood in our gowns.

Finally, preceding the International Women’s Day High Table on February 28, 2020, we held the annual Charity Auction. This year we supported the Thunder Women Healing Lodge Society, whose president, Patti Pettigrew, told us about their mandate: to establish a space for First Nations, Inuit, and Métis women who are in conflict with the law, and for those who have survived intergenerational trauma.

These events continually remind us of our collective ability to come together as a community and make an impact beyond the walls of Massey College.

Man running in his Massey College gown

The Environment and Sustainability Committee (ESC) (2019-2020 Report)

By Gavia Lertzman-Lepofsky, Amanda Loder and Santiago Zuluaga

First off, we have a new name! During the Spring 2020 Junior Common Room (JCR) Meeting, the JCR voted unanimously to change the name of the “Massey Environmental Committee” to the “Massey Environment and Sustainability Committee”. Masseyites have been increasingly interested in finding means to make living at Massey more environmentally sustainable (e.g., seeking opportunities to reduce the College’s waste and energy footprint), and being at the forefront of discussion on topics related to both environment and sustainability. Thus, it was only natural to make this name change official, which better describes our role and initiatives.

This past academic year, our committee focused on identifying areas (both small and large) where there is room to make College practices more environmentally sustainable, and to conduct outreach to the broader community. Our new Principal has a great interest in environmental sustainability, and thus we have been collaborating with the College staff and administration to begin taking action. We have been working hard to create a page for the Massey website (to be made available this summer) to outline both new and ongoing environmentally-sustainable practices at the College, and to create transparency so that areas that need improvement can be easily identified. Please click here to learn more.

Overall, we continued with these types of initiatives this past summer – the COVID-19 pandemic did not slow us down! – and into the new academic year. If you have interest in being involved (minimally or greatly) with our committee – whether you are a Junior Fellow, Journalism Fellow, Senior Fellow, Quadrangler, Alum or Staff Member  – we’d love to hear from you!

And a special thanks to Philiz Goh for her great contributions this past academic year.

The Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee (2019 – 2020)


The main project for the Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee this past year was Massey College’s first Pride Week from November 10-16 and the High Table for International Women’s Day on February 28.

Massey Pride included a week of events ending with a themed High Table. For the first time, the College raised the rainbow flag to symbolize this historic week and demonstrate the community’s dedication to inclusion. The opening celebration was a brunch event that included a drag performance at Glad Day Bookshop in Toronto’s “Village” neighbourhood. The following day, the committee hosted a “Toronto Queer History Walk” around campus and into the Village with Allison Wallis. An event called “Ask Me Anything” was also hosted in the Upper Library. This event received overwhelmingly positive feedback. College members were invited to ask questions of panellists about their experience identifying as LGBTQI2+ in an academic setting prior to this event. Senior Fellow Dr. Anita McGahan moderated the panel of Junior Fellows, which included Elizabeth Cunningham, Thomas Ayouti, and Carlie Manners.

Two movies were shown during the week, including Pride by director Matthew Warchus and Disney’s classic Mulan, with a pre-discussion of the film’s queer (sub) text and the broader role of heroines in Chinese military media. A Junior Fellow Lecture Series event was also hosted by Leah Morris, with Junior Fellows Mónica Espaillat Lizardo, Anowa Quarcoo, and Thomas Ayouti sharing their research in queer theory and LGBTQI2+ adjacent topics.

An LGBTQI2+ Massey community networking event was held prior to the International Women’s Day High Table. The High Table focused on inclusion and the strength of unity within the Massey community. The main poem selected was written by a previous Poet Laureate from Nova Scotia, El Jones, titled “Still We Rise.” The poem was written for the 2017 Women’s March in Halifax and includes stories of triumph from all people who identify as women. The poem was introduced and read by Leah Morris during the High Table. The committee was responsible for organizing the student celebration following the High Table, which was a joyous event.

Tables set for Pride High Table event
Finally, the committee, alongside other committees within the Equality and Inclusivity Secretariat (E&I Sec) have been discussing restructuring the E&I Sec in the Junior Common Room (JCR) to improve its efficacy for the Junior Fellowship, mainly through increasing the Secretariat’s visibility and transparency. The first step toward this goal was creating the role of Convener in the revision of the JCR Constitution. Elizabeth Cunningham was elected to this role for the 2020 term. The committee has agreed that the role of the E&I Sec as a whistleblowing power held within the JCR is essential to ensure that future members of the community are able to voice concerns and coordinate around equity and inclusivity issues. It is the wish of the Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee, as a member of the E&I Sec, to see that the future of the Junior Fellowship maintains and further improves the retention rates of students within racial and / or sexual minority groups 

The Sports Committee

The Sports Committee continued its collaborative efforts this year by promoting drop-in fitness classes at Goldring and Hart House, as well as Sunday basketball with all-star Darby Bates. We also took to the gridiron this year, supporting the Varsity Blues Football team in their 16-8 loss to McMaster University. When this wasn’t enough, Massey Junior Fellows joined SGS Coed flag football. Massey’s own Paul Chen led the SGS team as a star quarterback, making an unprecedented appearance in playoffs.

The Health Committee (2019 – 2020 Report)

What surreal circumstances we find ourselves in! Unfortunately, most of our major events this past year were postponed due to the COVID-19 situation, but we were all looking forward to animal therapy with sugar gliders some time in the future! We also had a Nutrition Night and Concussion Talk scheduled and may be able to run these events virtually instead. On a happier note, we were able to hold weekly open skates to help Massey folks come together and connect over one of Canada’s favourite pastimes .We are currently developing a survey to gauge our members’ needs during these uncertain times, so more to come soon! And you can bet that Sandhya will not leave Massey until she is able to hold that long-awaited animal therapy session!

The Community Liaison Committee (2019-2020 Report)


Massey’s magical aura attracts the keenest learners and highest experts that span several areas of innovation and intellect. The efforts of weaving together community members from our constituencies – the Junior Fellowship of bright students, the Senior Fellowship of expert faculty, and the successful professionals who are Quadranglers alongside the alumni that span all three of these domains – is of priority to the Community Liaison Committee (CLC). This year, with a high Junior Fellow turnover and our new Principal Nathalie Des Rosiers, we primarily aimed to focus on the integration of our new Junior and Senior Fellows.

Massey’s Fireside Chats, a novel rebranding initiative to increase excitement around informal networking, were very successful. Events held this past year allowed our committee to identify trends in the social tendencies of Massey community members. The year’s initiatives could not have been made possible without the tremendous support of Principal Des Rosiers, Director of Student Life Elena Ferranti, Senior Fellow Chair Carolyn Tuohy, Anita McGahan, Kim Stanton, Jamison Steeve, and Junior Fellows Alexander Sarra-Davis, Don of Hall Julian Posada, and Keshna Sood. The CLC would also like to extend our great gratitude for the work and spirit of the late Ivan McFarlane, who has left an irreplaceable void within our committee and even more so within the entire Massey College community.

The CLC has exciting future events planned that will maximize the togetherness of Massey, including “speed introductions,” game-based activities, and trivia events for more fruitful introductions and lasting connections. Stay tuned for these exciting events!

As always, feel free to voice your feedback to any of our CLC members to improve your community!

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