Massey FAQ

How do I set up my LOG-IN the first time?

1) To LOGIN go to and click on the blue button on the top right corner:

2) In the field “email”, write the email you normally receive communications from Massey College.
If this is the first time you log-in, or if you don’t remember your password, click “Lost your Password” and you
will receive all the instructions to create a new one.

3) After logging in, you will be redirected to the home page: click on “Howdy, Your Name” on the top right
corner and then select Profile

From your Personal Profile page, you will be able to add or update your Contact, Personal and Professional
Information: please remember keep your Bio updated!
Please note from the academic year 2019/2020 it is required to fill your Emergency Information in order to
re-apply or to have your account active.
You can also modify your privacy setting by clicking the “eye icon” beside each field: if you make a field
“private”, it will only be visible by the administration. If you leave it as “public”, it will be visible by other
members of the College in the Member Directory page.

How do I RSVP to your events?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to RSVP to events.

Always check our Calendar page and never miss a Massey Event!
In order to RSVP, go to, log-in with your personal account and select your event.

In the event page, scroll down to the RSVP section and select one (or more) tickets and fill the required
information (like affiliation or meal preference) and then click CONFIRM RSVP.

If you RSVPd correctly, you’ll receive an email in your inbox from Massey College, with the subject “Your
Tickets from Massey College”.

To cancel your RSVP, you can do so by logging in, then select your event, click the link View
your RSVP, modify to NOT GOING and hit Update RSVPs. Please note we have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

What do Junior Fellows do at Massey?

In short, Junior Fellows do just about everything! From running committees such as the Environmental Committee to the CATS Committee (Committee of Appreciation of Televised Sports), to organizing Massey Ground Rounds, the Junior Fellow Lecture Series, to hanging out and having lunch, Junior Fellows are integral to making Massey what it is. We encourage Junior Fellows to get involved in any way they wish – organizing a new committee, a new initiative, or simply hosting a movie night.

What do Junior Fellows study?

Junior Fellows study a variety of fields at the UofT, including the social sciences, humanities, health sciences and medicine, engineering, law, computer sciences and music. Any applicant from any discipline is encouraged to apply for Fellowship, granted they are a graduate student.

How do I apply to be a Junior Fellow at Massey?

For information on how to apply for Junior Fellowship, please see Prospective Junior Fellow FAQ’s.

Does Massey provide bursaries for Junior Fellows?

Yes. Massey does provide bursaries for both Resident and Non-Resident Fellows. These bursaries aid in the cost of accommodation and meals at the College. Once admitted, we ask that you complete a bursary application. These applications are assessed by need, projected income and funding package from the university or other sources. In partnership with the School of Graduate Studies, we offer a number of bursaries (which cover full fees), to the following underrepresented students: Indigenous students, African-Canadian/African-American/Caribbean or other Afro-diasporic students, and international students. Please note you must be admitted as a Fellow to apply for a bursary.

So... What are High Tables?

High Tables are formal social dinners that happen at the College approximately once a month. They are based on the Oxford and Cambridge college traditions in the United Kingdom, though our High Tables focus on Canadian holidays and the recognition of members of our community. Typically, High Tables begin with drinks in the Junior Common Room, then a formal dinner in Ondaatje Hall with speeches, music, performance and desert. Finally, we have a reception in the Upper Library with after-dinner snacks and drinks. Some examples of High Table themes are: Black History Month, Robbie Burns Night, Indigenous Peoples Day and International Women’s Day.

How do I sign up for a High Table? Can I bring a guest?

Once you’re signed into the Member Directory on our website, you can RSVP to High Tables. It may be difficult to get guests because the priority will be given to Junior Fellows. Certain High Tables fill up in less than an hour, so make sure to sign up quickly!

What is a gown and why is everyone wearing one to dinner?

It is a College tradition that members of the Massey community wear academic gowns to formal dinners. As far as traditions go, it’s a fun one we like to keep. There are two main types of gowns at Massey: Junior Fellow gowns which have a red rosette on the back, and Senior Fellow Gowns which have a red stripe as well as the rosette. Make sure you grab the gown without a stripe. Gowns are required for all formal dinners, though not required for cafeteria-style dinners. It is not necessary for guests to wear a gown. You do not need to wear a gown to breakfast or lunch.

I’m a Non-Resident Junior Fellow. When can I come to Massey?

Anytime! As a Non-Resident you are granted a key to Massey, which means you can come by for lunch, to study, to take a nap in the Puffy Couch Room, to make meals or use the library.

I am part of the Massey community and want to book a room for my study group/presentation/meeting. How do I do this?

Please e-mail Darlene to book a room. As rooms do book up fast during the academic year, please remember to give ample notice. In your e-mail, include your name, contact information, number of guests and any other specificities you require. Please note that not all rooms are accessible. If you require an accessible room, please state this in your request.

How do I update my profile on the Member's Directory?

Firstly, log in to the Member Directory. Once logged in, there will be a icon with your name in the top right corner of the screen. This indicates you are in your profile. Navigate through the various tabs and input corresponding information directly into the fields.

Does your kitchen accommodate dietary restrictions?

Unfortunately we do not accommodate specific dietary restrictions and cannot guarantee our kitchen is free of allergens. We do post our menu online each week, with asterix* to note which meals are vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and/or halal. If you are unsure of what is contained in a certain dish, please ask the kitchen staff who can direct you to a list of ingredients.

Do you have a video tutorial of the website?

Yes, we do!