Massey Talks! and the Massey Accessibility Committee present "Accessibility"

Massey Talks! and the Massey Accessibility Committee present "Accessibility"

Massey Talks! and the Massey Accessibility Committee present


In dialogue with Christine Karcza & Andrew Do

When: March 1 2016, 7:45 pm

Where: Upper Library

What are the barriers to enhancing accessibility in academic environments, and how can we overcome them? How as a community can be more aware of the barriers to accessibility? How do we ensure that we do not claim to speak for people facing accessibility challenges when engaging in advocacy?

Please join Massey Talks! and the Massey Accessibility Committee on March 1st, 2016 as we answer these, and other, pressing questions on the theme of accessibility.

Christine Karcza, Recipient of the Diamond Jubilee Medal & Clarkson Laureateship, Quadrangler
• Christine’s I can do this! attitude, shaped from managing the challenges of her own disability, engages others to push their boundaries to shift and to shift any negative stereotyped attitudes towards people with disabilities. Presently she is working with the Massey College community to create a more inclusive environment so some day a student with a disability can be a resident at the college.

Andrew Do, Policy Team at the Brookfield Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University, Massey Alumni 2013-2014
• Prior to his current position Andrew worked at the City of Toronto as a Research Associate implementing social programs, led business development for a high-growth global health startup intended to help solve the problem of counterfeit medicine in South Asia, and was a Studio [Y] Fellow at MaRS.
As we seek to make our events more inclusive, please let us know if there are ways in which we may be able to increase the accessibility of the event for you. We will do our best to accommodate, and will be in contact if we are not able.