Join us for Massey is Missing COP26 throughout 2021

Massey is very proud of our climate action series, Massey is Missing COP26. 

If you’ve missed any of the events from November 2020 to now, scroll to the bottom of the page. They can be viewed on our YouTube channel.   

NEXT: Curators in Conversation: Lessons from the Past on Climate Change and Our Future

March 8th from 7-8:15pm ET.

What can we learn from our past that will help us prepare for the enormous changes caused by the climate crisis?

Join us as curators from the Royal Ontario Museum Deepali Dewan, Kim Tait, Sarah Fee, Justin Jennings and Doug Currie share objects from the museum’s world-famous collections, discussing the relationship between human actions and the natural world. Listen in as ROM curators chat with Junior Fellows Laina Southgate, Jenna McKellips, Cam Galindo, Sandhya Mylabathula and Alumni Gurveer Bains about objects that mark periods of climate fluctuations and environmental change, and the knowledge we can glean from them as we plan for our future. Moderated by Senior Fellow Dr. Dianne Saxe.

This event is presented in partnership with the Royal Ontario Museum.

Watch the event here (live or after the event.)

Future events include:

Climate Music Icarus Concert – What Does Global Heating Feel Like? (April 27 – 7pm ET)

Climate Refugees – What Should We Do?

Indigenous Climate Action

Massey’s Own Carbon Footprint – Premises, Operations, Investments and Next Steps

Municipal Climate Action

Climate Law and Trade Law: Do They Collide?

Stay tuned for more information and please return to this webpage for updates.

We would love to hear from you! Any fellow of Massey College who is interested in getting involved in this evolving initiative, in helping to organize and put on these events, or who has ideas for additional sessions, please let us know by emailing

Rosemary McCarney and Dr. Dianne Saxe

Massey is Missing COP26


COP26, the annual global gathering of climate experts and governments, was scheduled to be held November 9-20, 2020 in Glasgow. As the fifth such meeting since the critically important 2015 Paris Agreement, COP26 was to be pivotal in assessing progress and in strengthening commitments to slow global heating while it is still possible to preserve a stable climate.

Due to the pandemic, the official COP26 has been postponed until November 2021, and much attention has been diverted from climate action to COVID–19. But the climate crisis is still gaining speed, and the window for preserving a stable climate is closing. What can be done to lay the groundwork for a successful COP26 next year?

Massey is Missing COP26 so we want to do something about it. As part of the College mandate to contribute wisely to the public good, we put on a free five-part virtual climate conference from November 9-19, 2020 to build strategic momentum towards a powerful Canadian role at COP26 in 2021. The conference had five elements, all of which would have been present at the official COP26. Scroll below to view.

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