New Named Lecture Announced

New Named Lecture Announced

Dr. Aubie Angel, Senior Fellow and founding Academic Advisor to the Massey Ground Rounds (MGR) annual symposium, and Hugh Segal, Principal are pleased to announce the Janet Rossant Lectureship, as an annual feature of the MGR/Massey symposium.
This morning, Dr. Angel announced the members of the Lectureship’s Advisory Board, who will advise on the selection of the annual lecturer each year.”Dr. Rossant’s award-winning career as a scientist, scholar, builder and leader in medical research, and her role as President of the prestigious Gairdner Foundation, are widely recognized. Her generous agreement to let the annual Lectureship bear her name is of great significance to the entire Massey Community and is much appreciated”, commented Dr. Aubie Angel.”As a strong believer in the interdisciplinary and intergenerational learning community of Massey College, I am overjoyed by the expansion of programs with a focus on health science and related fields. This prestigious Lectureship will become a regular feature of the annual Massey programme for Junior Fellows and the entire Massey community”, added Principal Hugh Segal.


Dr Angel, who will serve as the inaugural Chair, noted that the Janet Rossant Lectureship Advisory Board will involve distinguished medical and scientific experts, including Professor John E. Dick (molecular genetics), Professor Gillian Hawker (chair the U of T Department of Medicine), Professor Prabhat Jha (Dalla Lana School of Public Health), Professor Stephen Scherer (Director of the McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine, UofT), Professor Barbara Sherwood Lollar (Department of Earth Sciences and Massey College Science Chair), Professor Catharine Whiteside (former Dean of Medicine), as well as the Junior Fellow co-chairs of the annual Massey Grand Rounds symposium this year: Arsalan Mir-Moghtadaei and Alex Koven.

Dr. Angel underlined the immense value of featuring a world-class, mid-career scholar to be part of the annual symposium that addresses an interdisciplinary health-related theme every year, and has done so for over a decade at Massey.

This year’s symposium is addressing the Opioid Crisis from several real-time perspectives. Previous MGR symposia themes include: the Science of Stress; Personalized Medicine; Environmental Impacts on Health; and Equity in Health Care.

The event is organized annually by the Junior Fellowship through the MGR Committee under the sponsorship of Massey College, Friends of CIHR, the Faculty of Medicine and the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto.

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