Nomination and Selection Process for New Governing Board Members

Approved by the Governing Board on March 23, 2018

The points below outline the process through which new members of Massey College’s Governing Board (GB) are to be nominated and selected, as well as the starting date and length of term of new GB members.

  1. All members of the Massey Community (including Junior Fellows, Senior Fellows, Quadranglers, Staff, and Alumni) are eligible to nominate new GB members for consideration.
  2. Each nominee must be supported by two nominators within the Massey Community, one of whom will serve as lead nominator.
  3. Nominations are to include: a Nomination Form (which includes a list of competencies needed on the GB as indicated in the GB Competency Matrix), a covering letter by the nominators, and the candidate’s CV. Complete dossiers of candidates will be available in the Principal’s Office.
  4. Nominations will be sent to the Nominating Committee whose role is to select a slate of candidates for approval by the Governing Board.
  5. Selection Criteria will include potential contributions the candidate could make to the GB, reference to the GB Competency Matrix, consideration of skills needed on GB committees, GB demographics, and evidence of the candidate’s involvement in the life of the College.
  6. The Nominating Committee will rank nominated candidates, and meet with each candidate in person in order to determine mutual fit for the GB. Based on the criteria listed above, the Nominating Committee will select candidates to bring to the GB for approval.
  7. The GB Term will start on July 1 or January 1 or as appropriate to the needs of GB renewal.
  8. The initial term on GB is to be five years, followed by renewal for three years, by mutual agreement of the GB member and the Nominating Committee.