Notice to Applicants for Junior Fellowship 2014-2015

Notice to Applicants for Junior Fellowship 2014-2015

Dear Prospective Junior Fellows,

Thank you for applying. Due to a huge number of last-minute submissions, we have experienced difficulties in processing applications. Those of you who have submitted before Friday, May 2 will be notified whether your application is complete on Monday, May 12. If you have applied after May 2, you will be notified by May 15. This includes inquiries about the reference letters.

If you tried to apply yesterday (May 5) and experienced difficulties, please send an email to with the subject: Difficulty with Online Application and marked Urgent. If your referees had problems sending their letters, they should also get in touch.

Notification about selection will be sent in mid-June. If you are planning to apply for a bursary, please note that the deadline is June 1. Those decisions will be made shortly after the selection process. The committees work independently.

Best wishes,
Amela Marin, Registrar
on behalf of Massey College Selection Committee