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Junior Fellows

Junior Fellows are full-time students at the University of Toronto, studying a wide range of disciplines, with varied interests and from diverse backgrounds, either registered with the School of Graduate Studies or pursuing professional degrees such as business, law, medicine or dentistry.

Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows are prominent representatives of both academic and professional interests from around the world. They are invited to participate in all College activities. Nominations for Senior Fellowship may be submitted to the Principal’s office at Massey College. The Nominating Committee reviews all nominations and its recommendations are voted upon by members of the Governing Board.

Scholars at Risk

Awarded yearly, Scholars at Risk are students pursuing graduate education at The University of Toronto, and currently in Canada as Protected Persons under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. 

Visiting Scholars

Scholars on sabbatical, researchers or distinguished arts professionals, who do not require accommodation, may apply to become Visiting Scholars.

Senior Residents

Senior Residents are visiting scholars or distinguished professionals from across Canada and around the world who may wish to live at the College for an academic year. They participate actively in College life, and can represent any occupation or academic discipline.

Quadrangle Society

Quadrangle Society comprises individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their careers outside academia, yet retain an appreciation and respect for academia. They bring their skills, wisdom and resources to help advance our collective priorities.


Massey College Alumni play a valuable role in the life of Massey College. Their number has surpassed three thousand. They pursue a wide range of careers in the academic world, the arts, business, and other professions, in Canada and internationally. 


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William Southam Journalism Fellows

The William Southam Journalism Fellowships have been in existence at the University of Toronto since 1962 and they are an integral part of Massey College. For over fifty years, the fellowships have brought over 250 talented Canadian and International Journalists to the College. Successful applicants are invited to spend a year at Massey College, and…

Writer in Residence

Since 1965,  every year, in collaboration with the Department of English. the college has hosted a renowned Canadian author, including Mavis Gallant, Margaret Laurence, Timothy Findlay, Tomson Highway, Austin Clarke, Sheri Mootoo, Sachiko Murakami, Rawi Hage and many others.

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