Update February 28, 2019

To: Massey Community
From: Alan Broadbent, Chair
Re: New Principal Search Update

The Principal Search Committee met this week and will be meeting again within the next two weeks. The search process is on schedule.

Committee members are actively considering candidates and will be doing so over the coming weeks. We will update you as additional information is available to be shared.

Update December 20, 2018

To: Massey Community
Re: New Principal Advertisement

A flourishing community of scholarship and ideas, Massey College, affiliated with the University of Toronto, is a unique intellectual environ­ment. Outstanding graduate and professional students across disciplines share in a rich and stimulating residential community along with senior scholars and eminent members of society beyond the academy. Massey College is a partner with the CBC and House of Anansi Press in the annual Massey Lectures, and also organizes several annual symposia, including the Walter Gordon Symposium on Public Policy, the Massey Grand Rounds on medicine and health sciences, and the Massey Franklin Forum in honour of late physicist Ursula Franklin. The College is home to the William Southam Journalism Fellowships and, together with the School of Graduate Studies, supports the Scholars-at-Risk program.

Reporting to the Massey College Governing Board, the Principal is the executive leader, engaging with the College’s diverse resident and non-resident community, honouring its traditions, spear­heading new ones, and ensuring it serves, reflects, and sets an example for a changing world. A relationship builder with a deep interest in intellectual and scholarly life, you will lead the College community in realizing its mission, to “nourish learning and serve the public good”. An advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion and a mentor to the College’s Junior Fellows, you will encourage an academic environment that fosters collegial values and stimulates fresh ideas to benefit society. You will inspire a community of high distinction and ensure a vibrant future by evolving and strengthening the College’s financial, physical, and adminis­trative foundations while also promoting its inter­nationally recognized and respected pro­grams.

Your reputation, optimism, and compelling communi­ca­tions will enable significant fundraising success and exciting partnerships. A believer in intergenerational and interdisciplinary exchange as well as in championing the careers of fine minds, you understand that none of this happens without collaboration, material support, and commitment to service. You have dedicated yourself to an ideal before; this one will change some remarkable lives.

Massey College is strongly committed to diversity within its community and especially encourages applications from members of racialized groups and visible minorities, women, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, members of sexual minority groups, and others who may contribute to the further diversification of ideas. Throughout the recruitment process, accommoda­tions for applicants with disabilities are available upon request. Please indicate your interest in Project 181202 in confidence at www.caldwellpartners.com/apply.php. Please note that all qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, but applications from Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

Update November 13, 2018

To: Massey Community

The Search Committee for the next Principal would like to receive your input in shaping the profile and role of the next head of College.

We greatly appreciate your timely participation in this survey. All constructive and forward-looking ideas and suggestions will be discussed and incorporated in the search and selection of the next Principal.


Please note the survey is anonymous but we request that you identify your affiliation.

Update November 2, 2018

To: Massey Community
From: Alan Broadbent, Chair

Dear members of the Massey community,
Please join us on Friday, November 9th, for a Listening Session organized by the Search Committee for the next Principal. In order to accommodate as many community members as we can, there will be two sessions. The first is scheduled from 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm and the second session from 7:45 pm to 9:15 pm. You may just come for one session. The Search Committee members will also stay for dinner.
Come and be part of this important task before all of us. Make your voice count. Let the Committee members know how you imagine the future of Massey College and the profile of the next Principal.
Next week, we’ll send a list of questions that the Search Committee would like you to address at the Listening Session.
An online survey will be circulated to the world-wide Massey community the following week (Nov. 12). It will contain the same questions, as well as the new ones that may come out of the Listening Session.

Update October 15, 2018

To: Massey Community
From: Alan Broadbent, Chair

Dear Members of the Massey College Community,

It is my pleasure to advise you that the Governing Board met earlier today, Monday, October 15th 2018 and approved the members of the Search Committee for the next Principal of Massey College. Thank you to all the nominators who took the time to send in the nominations and to all the members of the community who agreed to be nominated for this important task.

The members who will serve on the Search Committee have been part of Massey for many years, are all actively engaged and have served on at least one committee. They had all reviewed all the policies and procedures and agreed to let their name stand.

The Search Committee members (in alphabetical order) are:

Alan Broadbent, Chair
Paul Gooch
Christine Karcza
Darlene Naranjo
Akwasi Owusu-Bempah
Hadiya Roderique
David R. Smith
Kim Stanton
David Sutton
Peter Tovell
Carolyn Tuohy

The committee will meet within the next ten days and create a plan to solicit input from the whole Massey community through an online survey and a Listening Session. The information and the date for the Listening Session will be distributed as soon as it is available.

Alan Broadbent
Chair of the Governing Board

Update September 24, 2018

To: Massey Community
From: Alan Broadbent, Chair

Dear Members of the Massey College Community,

The deadline for nominations to the Search Committee for the next Principal of Massey College has been extended by one week – to October 1, 2018. I have become aware that a number of nominations are still being organized, and it is important that there is an opportunity for the nomination of a range of suitable candidates.
You can find the call for the Search Committee and all accompanying documents below.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Broadbent

Chair of the Governing Board of Massey College

Update September 14, 2018

To: Massey Community
From: Alan Broadbent, Chair
Amela Marin, Secretary of the Governing Board
Date: September 14, 2018
Re: Call for Nominations for the 6th Principal Search Committee

Massey College, a graduate students’ residential community affiliated with, but independent from, the University of Toronto, with a wide range of members – Junior Fellows, Senior Fellows, Alumni, Quadranglers, Journalism Fellows, and Visiting Scholars – has embarked on the search for the 6th Principal.
The Process Committee of the Governing Board has been constituted to create a transparent and inclusive search process. However, the final approval of all search policies, procedures, members of the Search Committee and the selected candidate lies with the Governing Board.

The Process Committee seeks nominations for members of the Search Committee.
All members of the community can nominate the Search Committee candidates. The candidates must be prepared to invest a considerable amount of time required for the Committee. They must be committed to the requirement that the Committee will conduct its affairs in camera and willing to adhere to strict standards of confidentiality on matters related to the Committee’s work.

A position on the Search Committee entails considerable responsibility and accountability. The members of the Search Committee will collectively have a range of skills, knowledge and experience that they will be expected to bring to the task. These include:

  • Well-developed knowledge of the College and its mission, arising from ideally at least 3-5 years of active association with the College;
    • A deep understanding of the role of the Principal and the range of attributes required of the person occupying this position;
    • Experience in identifying and assessing leadership traits and experience in selecting leaders of academic and other organizations
    • Demonstrated ability to listen to, synthesize and evaluate diverse points of view
    • A reputation for sound judgement and objectivity in decision making.

In selecting the Search Committee members, the Governing Board will adhere to its commitment to promote diversity, gender parity and representation of visible minorities. It will also strive to have a variety of disciplines represented on the Search Committee.

When considering nominations, please refer to the following documents, which were approved by the Governing Board at its meeting on September 4th 2018:
– Policy on the Appointment of a Principal
– Charter of Expectations
– Search Committee Policies and Practices

Nominations should include the following:
– the candidate’s short c.v. highlighting their experience relevant to this position and
– one page nomination letter outlining why you think the person you are nominating should serve on the Search Committee.
Please ensure that the candidate has agreed to serve on the Search Committee.

Nominations should be e-mailed to the Secretary of the Governing Board, Amela Marin at amarin@masseycollege.ca by 5 p.m. on September 24th 2018.

Please note that all documents, including the Schedule, which is updated monthly, can be found on the Massey College website.

Charter of Expectations for MC Search Committee

Massey College Policy on the appointment of a Principal

Search Committee Principles and Practices

Update August 10, 2018

To: Massey Community 

From: Alan Broadbent, Chair of the Massey Governing Board

Regarding: The 6th Principal Search

Dear members of the Massey community,

At the beginning of July, the Governing Board held a special meeting and established the Process Committee, consisting of Chairs of all Governing Board committees and representatives of Junior Fellows, Quadranglers and Alumni. The Governing Board also concluded that the search for our new Principal should be transparent and involve the Massey community, while maintaining confidentiality to protect potential candidates.

The task of the Process Committee is to establish the selection process, the membership framework for the Search Committee, timelines, Charter of expectations for the Search Committee members and levels of involvement of the Massey community. A draft timeline has been established and in the coming months, we’ll be updating you on the progress.

At the end of August, we’ll be sending out a call for nominations to the Selection Committee as well as criteria and expectations for its members. Upon recommendations from the Process Committee, the Governing Board will approve the membership of the Selection Committee, along with process and protocol guidelines for the Selection Committee, which will report directly to the Governing Board.

Once established, in September, the Selection Committee will send out a survey to the community on the position specifications for the Principal, and hold a listening session. It will then create the job description and features for the Principal position based on the results of the survey and listening sessions and submit it to the Governing Board for discussion and approval.

The Search Committee will issue a call for nominations and applications for the 6th Principal of Massey College at the end of September/first week of October with the end-of-October/beginning of November deadline. The selection of candidates (longlist, shortlist, interviews) will happen over the course of two to three months, aiming for the name of the selected candidate to be presented to the Governing Board for approval in February. If approved, the candidate’s name will be submitted to the University of Toronto Governing Council for approval at its February 28th meeting. Once approved by the University, the Massey College Governing Board will announce the new Principal immediately after.

Alan Broadbent.

Chair of the Governing Board