The William Southam Journalism Fellows are an integral part of the Massey College community. Since 1962, the program has gathered over 250 esteemed Canadian and international journalists for a year education, reflection, and fellowship.

To apply for a William Southam Journalism Fellowship, please see the program overview with eligibility and application information.


By the 2017-2018 William Southam Journalism Fellows


EPISODE 1: The Story Behind Unfounded
The Globe and Mail’s Robyn Doolittle talks about her nearly two-year investigation into police response to sexual assault complaints.


EPISODE 2: Care and Consent
Veteran journalists Carol Off (CBC), Michelle Shephard (Toronto Star), Manisha Krishnan (VICE), Shawney Cohen (VICE), and Kathy English (Toronto Star), discuss how they keep their sources safe while doggedly pursuing the story.

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