Quadrangle Society Members

Quadrangle Society

The Quadrangle Society is a group of distinguished fellows from the non-academic community. It is a bridge between “town and gown” at the College.  Quadranglers are drawn from all fields including business, arts, politics, philanthropy and community service, among many others.  Despite the wide range of career interests, they are unified by their curiosity and deep commitment to serving the needs of the Massey community.

The Chair of the Quadrangle Society is David R. Smith. In his inaugural speech, David said:

“It wouldn’t be Massey if we didn’t begin with a little bit of Latin:
Primus inter pares – first among equals
I am delighted to address you this evening and I view this responsibility truly as a “first among equals.” As such, I look forward to working with all of you to increase the effectiveness of our contribution, align our engagement with the mission of the College, and to support the priorities of the Principal of this College. Over the last twenty years, we have grown organically as a gateway from the walled garden to the outside world. We stand on the shoulders of giants and have benefited from the contributions of both members and the leaders among us including our founder, John Fraser, Susan Perren, Ivan McFarlane, Carolyn McIntrye-Smyth and most recently, our late friend, Ken McCarter.