David Smith’s Speech to Quadrangle Society – February 5, 2018

It wouldn’t be Massey if we didn’t begin with a little bit of Latin:

Primus inter pares – first among equals

Devid Smith headshot

David Smith, Chair of the Quadrangle Society

I am delighted to address you this evening and I view this responsibility truly as a “first among equals.” As such, I look forward to working with all of you to increase the effectiveness of our contribution, align our engagement with the mission of the College, and to support the priorities of the Principal of this College. Over the last twenty years, we have grown organically as a gateway from the walled garden to the outside world. We stand on the shoulders of giants and have benefited from the contributions of both members and the leaders among us including our founder, John Fraser, Susan Perren, Ivan McFarlane, Carolyn McIntrye-Smyth and most recently, our late friend, Ken McCarter.
Ken was irreplaceable. His contributions to this College, prolific. However, we can all carry forward one of his most endearing qualities: his welcoming demeanor. Massey is a community of contributors and it can be enriched if we all do our part to keep it a place of welcome, and echo Ken’s charming and characteristic twinkle of an eye that created a comfortable space for others committed to making Massey a special place.
The Quadrangle Society adds to Massey’s already distinguished community, and I want to hear about your experience and perspectives on how to increase the value of our contribution to it. When I say contribution, it can mean many things including time, talent and treasure as Massey needs all three.
Our community has grown substantially, if not sporadically, since its inception; yet, there are opportunities to clarify our mandate and better understand the contributions the Massey community requires from us.
As such, I asked the administration to hold on to the list of referrals to join our ranks until such time as we have been able to clarify our purpose. I am reluctant to build until we know what we require to continue our evolution. It is not fair to the College to add further strain to existing resources, nor is it fair to the esteemed persons that find themselves being considered when we cannot define what we need and why they are the best choice to join our community.
As such, over the next few months I will be making myself available to all who wish to add their input on how we can evolve, where the opportunities are and what might improve the effectiveness of our contribution. I promise to be patient with all of you and hope that you will extend the same courtesy to me as I get my sea legs in this role, and align my calendar with the volume of incoming requests. I suspect Hugh was not kidding about the extent of this pro bono workload!
There is a lot of talent within the Quadrangle, which is what drew me in and keeps me engaged. I look forward to working with all of you to make the Quadrangle Society all that it can be in support of our beloved Massey College. Thank you for your confidence in me and I look forward to serving our community. I can be reached via email at david@smith-advisory.com