The 2017 Clarkson Laureates

The committee met at the College on Friday, December 2nd under the joint chairmanship of the Master and the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson. The other members of the committee this year were former recipients of the Clarkson Laureateship, Ms. Mary McGeer and Ms. Jennifer Levin Bonder and the College Dean of Fellowships and Programs, Amela Marin.

Ken McCarter

Senior Fellow and Chair of the Quadrangle Society

Jury Citation

Mr. Ken McCarter, Senior Fellow and Chair of the Quadrangle Society, “has been a tireless advocate for Massey College, especially the [Quadrangle] Society and its activities – from the Book Club to Opera and now Dance, to the Mentorship Program. He has contributed to increasing and diversifying its membership. … Ken’s volunteer activities are by no means limited to Massey. He has served as Chair of the University of Toronto Press and as a Director on the Board of the National Ballet School.”

Sophie Borwein

Non-Resident Junior Fellow

Jury Citation:

Ms. Sophie Borwein, a fifth-year Non-Resident Junior Fellow “has been a driving force in drawing the community’s attention to issues of accessibility and diversity. … She has been a key member of the Massey Refugee Support Initiative and has participated in numerous activities at the college. In her own way, quietly but with the utmost determination, she keeps giving her time and putting her unique work ethic and organizational skills towards transforming ideals of justice into real progress for the communities she belongs to.”

Alexandra Harris

Non-Resident Junior Fellow

Jury Citation:

Ms. Alexandra Harris, a fifth year Non-Resident junior Fellow “defines the spirit of the place… She is a force at the College by quietly modelling civic duty and service for the rest of the community. It is how she has been able to rally Fellows in support of the many public service causes she has championed – from blood drives and outings to the Out of the Cold food ministry at St. Thomas’s Church to the Gown Run for Scholars at Risk and co-organizing the annual charity auction.”