The 2019 Clarkson Laureates

The committee met at the College on Thursday, December 13th under the joint chairmanship of Principal Hugh Segal and the Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson. The Laureateships were awarded at the special High Table on Friday January 11th 2019 in the presence of the Laureates’ guests, former recipients and Massey College peers.

Hadiya Roderique


Jury Citation

Ms. Hadiya Roderique, an Alumna of Massey College “has been a transformative force in every community, institution, and organization of which she has been a member. … It is one of her signature gifts as a leader in public service that she has been able to deliver uncompromising calls for equity, diversity, and inclusion across a range of organizations in such a way that they can be truly embraced. Her commitment to this advocacy, and the impressively forthright style that she brings to it, has meant real changes in the private and public sector across Canada.”

Andrew Kaufman

Junior Fellow

Jury Citation:

Mr. Andrew Kaufman, a third-year Resident Junior Fellow “has been and remains a compelling symbol of concern for others at Massey. As a Chair of the Community Service Committee, he led Massey to participate in “Out of the Cold” program, organized the Scholars at Risk Gown Run, planned and executed the Robbie Burns Charity auction. …Andrew has also been an active and eloquent supporter of constructive improvement at Massey College in ways that embrace and reflect the growing diversity of the student population.”

January 11, Clarkson Laureateship High Table