Philosophy at Massey

The Massey Philosophy Reading Group is a society at Massey College devoted to shared reading and discussion of philosophy in a spirit of inquiry and enjoyment, frank conversation and friendship. The group gathers once a week after dinner in the contemplative space of the Massey Chapel Royal, reading the given text aloud line-by-line, sharing commentary and further reflections. This close reading serves as an introduction to reading philosophical texts for Junior Fellows from a range of disciplines and as a purely exegetical endeavour for advanced philosophic scholars

Have you ever found yourself wondering, What’s up with God?  More specifically, Does God exist?  And if so, what then?  And if not, then what?  


Or even, What do we mean by ‘God’?


If so, then you have plenty of company, both at Massey and in the history of philosophy, east and west.  This fall, several of us from the former group will be getting together discuss some of them from the latter group.  Here are the details:


When: Tuesdays, 7:45-9:00, Oct.2-Dec.3.

Where: St. Catherine’s Chapel at Massey


Everyone is, of course, welcome.  We don’t presuppose any background in philosophy, and we will be reading the texts together in-session.  So there’s no pressure, and no homework.