Public Policy

The Public Policy program at Massey College combines the talents and expertise of Junior and Senior Fellows to highlight critical issues, suggest solutions and engage and educate the broader public community.

Aided by a committee of Junior Fellows who suggest topics and organize events, the program includes the annual Walter Gordon Symposium and allows the College to partner with universities and policy centres across Canada. Recent discussions have included the need for a national science policy, religion and values, the emerging impact of an Independent Senate, Changing definitions of Sovereignty, especially in Canada’s North, the role and influence of unelected political staff and virulent populism in Europe and the United States.

Public policy sets the framework for culture, science, the economy, social policy and international relations. Every Junior Fellow is welcome to contribute to Massey’s effort to influence the debate.

Senior Fellow, Thomas S. Axworthy is Chair of the Public Policy Program at Massey College.

Massey College Public Policy Program, Spring 2016
Democratic Reform
April 25, 2016


The event featured the following panelists: Senators Anne Clare CoolsArt EggletonLinda Frum, Paul J. Massicotte, Pierrette Ringuette, John Wallace, activist Helen Forsey, and Professor David E. Smith. Read their Panelist-Bios, as well as select speaking notes below:

Tom Axworthy

Pierrette Ringuette

Helen Forsey

David Smith