SGS Bursaries for Massey College Junior Fellows

SGS Bursaries for Massey College Junior Fellows

The School of Graduate Studies launched new bursaries developed in collaboration with Massey College for Afro-Caribbean Canadian, Indigenous, and international graduate students. These bursaries create opportunities that can provide academic and personal enrichment for high-achieving graduate students who would not be able to afford the fees associated with Junior Fellowship.

Applicants have to go through the regular selection process for Junior Fellowship at Massey College. All those selected, with a demonstrated financial need or related challenges, will be considered for full coverage of the Massey College Junior Fellowship fees ($16,000 for Resident and $1,200 for Non-Resident) each year as part of a three-year pilot program, starting from 2017-2018 academic year.

In joining Massey College, recipients will be welcomed into a community of scholars and professionals from across Canada and around the world.

For more information about these bursaries, please contact:

Amela Marin
Dean, Fellowships, Programs & Liaisons
Massey College