The World Remembers

From Monday, October 20th Massey College has participated in “The World Remembers”, a World War I memorial project conceived by Quadrangler Robert H. Thomson. A significant number of Junior and Senior Fellows have been assisting with the project, among them Wesley George, Louis-Philippe Thibault, Michael MacMillan, Ruediger Willenberg, Margaret MacMillan, John Fraser, Pia Kleber and Adrienne Clarkson.

Every night starting at 8.30pm, the names of soldiers fallen in 1914 have been projected onto the south-facing side of the Massey College bell tower. Names from the participating nations of Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Turkey and Germany appear beside each other, united in death, for almost 11 hours every night. The same individual’s name appear for at least 25 seconds at the same date and local time of day in each participating country.

The display ends tomorrow, on Remembrance Day, November 11, 2014 at 6.45 am.

You can look up the names of relatives, their date of death and the date and time at which this person’s name will appear on the wall, thereby making the cost of war personal to many of us at:

How You Can Contribute to the Project:

1. Spread the word:  (

This has mostly been a grassroots effort so far, with displays at high schools, universities and a few municipal structures. Despite providing some funding and the individuals’ data, none of the participating nations have set up a public national display this year. Hopefully this can expand for the coming centennial years of 2015-2018. If you think this is an appropriate way to remember the dead of World War I and suggest caution about future bloodshed, please introduce the project to your contacts and friends in high schools, universities, churches, municipalities and even national governments. If your country of origin (or its territorial predecessor) was a participant in World War I, but is not among the nations currently taking part in the project (Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Turkey and Germany), please contact “The World Remembers” if you feel you can help encourage or influence participation (allow me an entirely personal opinion in saying that seeing Russian and Ukrainian names beside each other would be a thought-provoking statement in our present circumstances).

2. Contribute financially:

Despite some government funding, “The World Remembers” is still a woefully underfinanced project, resulting in it asking for a $400 contribution from any institution including high schools. The fee for Massey College was waived on account of our help with the project, but I promised to compensate for that by asking for your help. “The World Remembers” is a registered charity and contributions of any size are gratefully accepted (please consider marking any contribution with “Massey College” to indicate our connection):